15. The Supreme Person : Purusottama Yoga

The Supreme Lord said: The holy scriptures proclaim that this material world is like an unchangeable Banyan tree with its roots facing upwards and its branches down, known as an Asvattha (transitory) tree. Its nutriments are the Vedic aphorisms, which ar
15:1 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

Some of its branches extend upwards (in the planets of the demigods and celestial beings), some of the branches extend downwards (in the planets of the humans, animals, and lower species), and its mature (three modes of) nature and aim and object (of sou
15:2 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

In the human plane, that inverted form of the Banyan tree representing this material world cannot be known, and its origin, end, and foundation cannot be perceived (except by the means of Vedic knowledge). From the association of true saints, one acquire
15:3 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

Devoid of vanity and delusion, aloof to unholy company, dedicated to realization of the eternal self, free from lusty desire, liberated from the joys and sorrows of duality, and liberated from ignorance, those surrendered souls reach the supreme destinat
15:5 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

My supreme holy abode is that place which the surrendered souls reach, never to return again. Neither sun, nor moon, nor fire nothing can illuminate that all-illumi- nating supreme abode.
15:6 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

The soul is a part of Me (as My separate fragmental particle or potency). Although he is eternal, he acquires the mind and five perceptual senses, which are parts of material nature (as creations of maya, My deluding potency).
15:7 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

The soul (jiva) is the proprietor of the body and its paraphernalia. When he departs from the body, he carries all these senses to enter into another body, just as the air carries the fragrance of a flower.
15:8 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

Adopting the fleshy ear, eye, skin, tongue, and nose, and also accepting the subtle mind, this soul exploits the sense objects sound, form, touch, taste, and smell.
15:9 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

Foolish men cannot perceive anything of the soul's departure from the body, residence within the body, or his exploitation of sensual objects. However, those endowed with eyes of wisdom are able to observe the entire operation.
15:10 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

Even some assiduous yogis can actually see the soul present within the body. But foolish persons of impure heart can never see the soul, despite their endeavors.
15:11 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

That effulgence which emanated from the sun and illuminates the whole universe, and which is present within the moon and within fire you should surely know that to arise from My personal effulgence.
15:12 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

Appearing within the soil of the Earth, I maintain all beings by My potency; and in the form of the nectarean moon, I nourish all the crops (such as rice and barley).
15:13 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

Entering into the body of the living being as the power of digestion, I digest the four types of eatables (chewed, sucked, licked, and drunk), by the agency of the ascending and descending vital airs.
15:14 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

I am situated (as the Supersoul) within the heart of all souls, and from Me arises the soul's remembrance, knowledge, and the dissipation of both (according to his karma, or action in the mundane plane). I am the exclusive knowable (ecstatic) principle o
15:15 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

In this world, there are two kinds of souls: the fallible and the infallible. All being from Lord Brahma down to the lowest stationary life-forms are known as fallible (as they have deviated from their intrinsic nature). But the personalities who are ete
15:16 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

But totally distinct from both these types of souls, there is a Supreme Person who is known as Paramatma, the Supersoul. He is the Supreme Lord. Entering into the three worlds in His eternal form, He maintains all beings in the universe.
15:17 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

Because I am transcendental to the fallible souls and also superior to My infallible eternal associates, My glories are sung in the world and in the scriptures as Purusottama, the Supreme Person.
15:18 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

O Bharata, one who unmistakably knows Me in My eternal, all-conscious, ecstatic form as that Supreme Person, is the perfect knower of full-fledged theism, and he worships Me in all respects (in the devotional flavors of peacefulness, servitorship, friend
15:19 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

O purehearted Arjuna, I have thus explained to you this most hidden treasure of all the scriptures. O Bharata, embracing this nectar in the core of their hearts, the virtuous souls revel in the perfection of supreme success.
15:20 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

Srimad Bhagavad Gita