09. The Hidden Treasure : Raja Guhya Yoga

The Supreme Lord said: Now I shall bestow upon you, who are devoid of jealousy and malice, this most hidden treasure in the form of pure devotion beginning with singing or narrating My transcendental glories, and the performance of related divine service
9:1 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Know this knowledge as the supreme wisdom and the supreme hidden treasure. It is perfectly pure, and although beyond the purview of sense perception, it is the object of direct perception (by those senses which are eagerly disposed towards devotional ser
9:2 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

O conqueror of the enemy, men who have no faith in this hidden treasure of sublime pure love for Me are unable to reach Me, and thus they remain meandering in this deathly mundane plane.
9:3 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

In an unmanifest manner, I pervade this entire universe, and everything conceivable is situated within Me and yet, I am not situated within that total entity.
9:4 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

And again, that is also not situated in Me. Just behold My inconceivable simultaneous one and different (acintyabhedabheda) nature as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and Lord of the universe! Although My very Self is the mainstay and guard
9:5 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Air, although massively expansive by nature, is always situated within the jurisdiction of space, and yet, air and space remain distinct from one another. Similarly, know that all beings are situated within Me.
9:6 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

O son of Kunti, at the universal cataclysm, the multitude of beings are merged in My illusory nature, known as maya. And with the beginning of a new millenium, I create all the distinct species again.
9:7 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

By the agency of My potency of illusory material nature, I repeatedly create all life-forms according to the nature they acquire, which is determined by the results of their fruitive actions and aspirations of ancient bygone ages.
9:8 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Thoroughly detached and situated indifferently within this exploitative plane of generation, sustenance, and decay, I, O conqueror of wealth, cannot be implicated by the entire universal operation of creation, maintenance, and annihilation.
9:9 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

O Kaunteya, My deluding potency, under My direction gives birth to this universe of moving and stationary beings. And for this reason, that is, since only a created object is subject to destruction, the universe is created again and again.
9:10 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Unable to comprehend My superexcellent divine form of human features, ignorant men blaspheme Me the Supreme Lord of all beings by considering Me a mere human being.
9:11 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Those fools are full of vain hopes and dreams in their futile fruit-hunting schemes and fruitless knowledge-seeking. Bereft of all good sense, they acquire the ignorant and passionate nature of godless fiends, which is the source of the darkness of delus
9:12 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

But, O Partha, the great souls take refuge in the divine and godly nature. With unalloyed hearts, they render loving service exclusively unto Me Krsna, of human features knowing Me, in this eternal form, to be the primeval cause of all beings.
9:13 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Disregarding the purity or impurity of time, place, and circumstances, those great souls are constantly absorbed in singing or narrating the glories of My holy name, form, qualities, pastimes, and paraphernalia. They are attentive to the irrevocable and
9:14 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

And of those who are worshipers on the path of knowledge, some are conscious of their own oneness with Me, others are conscious of the various demigods' oneness with Me, and still others are conscious of the oneness of My diverse universal opulence with
9:15 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

I am the Vedic Jyotistoma sacrifice and the five sacrifices to the Visva-deva demigods and others as enjoined in the Smrti scriptures. I am the oblation to the ancestors, the auspicious offering of the autumnal crop, and the mantra. I am the sacrificial
9:16 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

I am the father of this universe, the mother, the bestower of the fruits of all actions, the forefather, and the object of all knowledge. The purifying agent Om, the Rg, Sama, and Yajurvedas certainly I am all these.
9:17 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

And certainly I am everyone's goal, maintainer, controller, witness, refuge, guardian, and unconditional well-wisher. I am creation, dissolution, and sustenance. I am the reservoir and the seed, as the eternal Supreme Person.
9:18 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

O Arjuna, I, as the sun, bestow heat during summer, and during the rainy season I send forth the rains and sometimes withdraw them. Undoubtedly, I am liberation and death, and everything gross or subtle.
9:19 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Person who perform the fruitive ritualistic sacrifices prescribed in three of the Vedas worship Lord Indra and other demigods. Factually, they worship Me alone, but in an indirect way. They drink the sacrificial remnants of Soma beverage, purify themselv
9:20 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

After enjoying that great heavenly delight, upon the depletion of their pious merits, they accept birth in this mortal world. In this way, lustful persons who follow the Vedic rules for demigod worship come and go they are born and they die over and over
9:21 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

I personally assume the whole responsibility of acquiring and protecting the necessities of My full dependent devotees who are always absorbed in thought of Me alone, and who worship Me exclusively in all respects.
9:22 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

O Kaunteya, persons who have alternately developed faith in the demigods and devoutly worship them certainly also worship Me, but improperly.
9:23 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Because I alone am the enjoyer and rewarder of all sacrifices. But since they cannot know Me in this way, they again undergo birth, disease, infirmity, and death.
9:24 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

The demigod worshipers reach the appropriate demigod, the forefather worshipers go to the plane of their ancestors, and the worshipers of the ghostly section transfer to the ghostly plane. However, those who worship Me, undoubtedly come to Me.
9:25 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Certainly, if he offers Me with devotion a leaf, flower, fruit, and water, I partake of that whole offering from such a purehearted and affectionate devotee of Mine. With heartfelt love, I graciously accept.
9:26 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

O Kaunteya, whatever your action whether general or scriptural, whatever you eat, what you offer in sacrifice, whatever you donate in charity, and any vow you keep do everything as an offering unto Me.
9:27 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

In this way, although performing either general or scriptural duties, you will be liberated from the bondage of auspicious and inauspicious results of action. And due to remaining internally indifferent to the fruits of your every action, you will attain
9:28 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

I am equally disposed to all souls, therefore no one is My enemy or friend. Yet, for those who render devotional service unto Me with love, as they are bound by affection for Me, I am similarly bound by the tie of affection for them.
9:29 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

If even a person of extremely abominable practices, abandoning all nondevotional pursuits of exploitation and renunciation engages in My exclusive and uninterrupted devotional service, he is venerable as a true saint because he has embraced the revolutio
9:30 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

That most degraded person very swiftly becomes adorned with virtuous practices and attains to eternal tranquillity. O son of Kunti, declare it proclaim it My devotee is never vanquished! or O Arjuna, promise to the public that My exclusively devoted serv
9:31 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

O son of Prtha, low-born persons of degraded lineage, women, merchants, or laborers they also attain the supreme destination by taking full refuge in Me.
9:32 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

So who can doubt that the pure devotee brahmanas and ksatriyas will achieve that supreme goal? Therefore, surely engage in My devotional service, since you have attained this temporary and miserable human body after wandering throughout many births.
9:33 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Give Me your heart, be dedicated to Me in devotional service, and be absorbed in My worship. Offer prostrate obeisances unto Me alone. In this way, with mind and body dedicated in My service, taking full refuge in Me, you will certainly reach Me.
9:34 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Srimad Bhagavad Gita