10. The Great Treasure : Vibhuti Yoga

The Supreme Lord said: O mighty-armed Arjuna, hear My divine exposition once again. Only desiring the ultimate benefit for you, who are very dear to Me, shall I speak.
10:1 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Neither the demigods nor the great sages can understand My unique, superexcellent, divine birth in this world, because in all respects I am the primeval origin of all those celestial beings and great sages.
10:2 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

One who knows Me, the son of Devaki, as birthless, the origin of everything, and the Supreme Lord of all beings, is undeluded among men, and liberated from all sins.
10:3 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Intelligence, knowledge, peacefulness, forbearance, truthfulness, external sense-control, internal sense-control, happiness, unhappiness, birth, death, fear, courage, non-violance, equanimity, satisfaction, austerity, charity, fame, and infamy all these
10:4 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

The seven great sages headed by Marici, and preceding them, the four brahminical sages headed by Sanaka, and also the fourteen Manus or progenitors headed by Svayambhuva all are empowered by Me and are born of My mental expansion, Lord Brahma who is know
10:6 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

One who is factually in knowledge of My almighty supremacy and devotional service, engages in My service, due to his resolute, absolute conception. Of this there is no doubt.
10:7 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

I am Krsna, the Sweet Absolute, I am the root cause of the allcomprehensive aspect of the Absolute, the all-permeating aspect of the Absolute, and also the personal aspect of the Absolute the Master of all potencies, who commands the respect of everyone
10:8 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Those surrendered devotees take Me as their life and soul, and go on discussing My ambrosial narrations among one another exchanging the ecstasies of devotion unto Me. They constantly relish the nectar of their realized divine relationships with Me in th
10:9 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

To those devotees who are constantly dedicated to Me, and who engage in My service out of their love for Me, I bestow the internal divine inspiration by which they can approach Me and render various intimate services unto Me.
10:10 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Out of compassion for them, I, situated within the hearts of all living beings, dispel the darkness of ignorance with the radiance of knowledge. or Being conquered by the love of those devotees who, in the most elevated position of noncalculative loving
10:11 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Arjuna said: O Lord, You are the Supreme Absolute Truth, the supreme shelter, and the supreme saviour. All the prominent sages as Devarsi Narada, Asita, Devala and Vyasa have described You as the self-illuminating, self-manifest eternal Supreme Person, t
10:12 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

O Kesava, I totally accept as factual all that You have told me, beginning from Your statement, 'na me viduh' "They do not know Me." O Lord, now it is confirmed that no one among either the demigods or the demons know your identity in full.
10:14 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

O Supreme Person, universal father, O Lord of all beings, Lord of all gods, Lord of the universe! By your own divine cognizant potency, only You can know Yourself.
10:15 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Please kindly describe to me in full those supernatural, personal opulences by which You pervade all these worlds.
10:16 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

O Almighty Lord of the creation, please tell me how I can meditate on You constantly and in all respects. What are the elements, qualities, situations, and forms by which I am to contemplate on You in devotion?
10:17 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

O Janardana, please once again describe Your majestic opulences and the process of devotion unto You, this time in an elaborate way, since I never become satiated by hearing Your ambrosial words and instructions.
10:18 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

The Supreme Lord said: O Arjuna, best of the Kurus, I shall describe to you simply the prominent, manifest, transcendental almighty opulences of Mine which arise from My divine conscious potency since My extensive glories are unlimited.
10:19 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

O Gudakesa, I am the Supersoul situated as the controller within the hearts of all souls, and I am the single cause of the birth, sustenance, and annihilation of all beings.
10:20 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of the twelve Adityas, I am Visnu, of the luminaries I am the great radiant sun; of the Vayus I am Marici, and of the stars I am the moon.
10:21 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of the Vedas, I am Sama-veda; of the demigods I am Lord Indra; of the senses I am the mind, and I am cognizance in all beings.
10:22 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of the eleven Rudras I am Sankara, and of the Yaksa and Raksasa races I am Kubera. Of the eight Vasus I am Agni, and of mountains I am Sumeru.
10:23 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

O Partha, you should know Me as the chief of priests, Brhaspati; among generals I am Kartikeya, and of reservoirs I am the ocean.
10:24 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of sages, I am Bhrgu; of sound vibrations, O?; of all sacrifices, the repetition of the holy names; and of the immovable, the Himalayas.
10:25 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

I am the Asvattha among trees, Narada of godly sages, Citraratha of heavenly singers, and Kapila Muni of perfected beings.
10:26 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Among horses know Me as Uccaihsrava, who was born at the time of churning of the ocean of nectar; know Me as Airavata among elephants, and the king among men.
10:27 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of weapons I am the thunderbolt, and of cows I am the heavenly desire-fulfilling cow. Of cupids I am he who ensures progeny, and among the single-headed venomous snakes I am Vasuki, the king of all snakes.
10:28 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of the multi-headed nonpoisonous serpents I am the Anantanaga, and of aquatics I am Varunadeva. Of the deified ancestors I am Aryama, and of law-enforcers I am Yamaraja, the lord of punishment.
10:29 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of the Daityas (descendants of Diti) I am Prahlada Maharaja, and of subjugators I am time. Among all the animals I am the lion, and of the birds I am Garuda.
10:30 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of sanctifiers, or of the rapid, I am the wind; of weaponwielding heroes I am Lord Parasurama; among fish I am the shark, and of rivers I am the Ganges.
10:31 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

O Arjuna, of created objects, beginning with the sky, I alone am the creation, dissolution, and sustenance. Of all wisdom I am the knowledge of the soul, and of the logicians´ or philosophers´ debate and criticism I am the demonstrated conclusion.
10:32 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of the primary letters of the alphabet I am the letter 'a', and of compound words I am the dual. I alone am the endless flow of time, and of creators I am the four-headed Lord Brahma.
10:33 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of plunderers I am death, the vanquisher of all recollection; and of the predestined six transformations of the living beings I am birth, the foremost. Of ladies, I am the seven qualities of a good wife grace, beauty, perfect speech, remembrance, intelli
10:34 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of all the mantras in the Sama-veda I am the Brhatsama mantra which is uttered in prayer to Lord Indra, and of mantras in perfect prosody I am the holy Gayatri mantra. Of the months I am the foremost, Agrahayana, and of the seasons I am spring.
10:35 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

I am the dice-throwing of mutual cheaters, and influence of the influential. I am victory for the victorious, perseverance of the enterprising, and the strength of the mighty.
10:36 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Of the Yadavas I am Vasudeva, of the Pandavas I am Arjuna, of the sages, I am Vyasadeva, and of the scholarly knowers of the scriptures I am Sukracarya.
10:37 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

I am the punishment meted out by chastisers, and the diplomatic policy of victory-seekers I am the silence of all secrets, and the wisdom of the wise.
10:38 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

O Arjuna, whatever has been considered the origin of all beings I am certainly that. No stationary or moving being, object or soul, can exist separately from Me.
10:39 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

O conqueror of the enemy, there is no end to My superexcellent opulences. Only for your edification have I described a few of them.
10:40 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Know for certain that whatever is sublime, beautiful, and magnificent is born from a mere fraction of My potency.
10:41 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

But Arjuna, what is the need of your understanding this elaborate knowledge of My almighty grandeur? By My fractional expansion as the Supreme Soul of material nature, Maha-Visnu (Karanarnavasayi Visnu), I remain supporting this entire universe of moving
10:42 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Srimad Bhagavad Gita