The Donkery and the Dog
Once in Varanasi there lived a washerman. He had a donkey and a dog with him. Everyday he would load the donkey with big bundles of clothes and drive it to the riverside. The dog would be left behind to guard the house.

Now the donkey was very jealous of the dog. "It is unfair," it said one day to the dog. "All you do is sleep here the whole day long and the master feeds you well and does not beat you at all. Whereas I work from morning till evening breaking my back carrying heavy loads of clothes and all I get for this is a beating from the master".

The dog smiled and replied "I am treated thus for the work I do and you for yours. I guard the master's house well day and night which you cannot do".

The donkey kept quiet. One night when the washerman was sleeping soundly a thief slowly tried to climb over the wall with the intention of robbing the house. The dog opened one eye, looked at the thief and closed its eyes again. The donkey too had noticed the thief and said to the dog in alarm "Why are you not barking to wake up the master? This is your job. What is your use if you don't alert the master even now?"

The dog answered "Friend, this does not concern you. You should not meddle in the affairs of others. No good will come out of it. You know I guard the master's house well even when he is away. So for a long time he has had no worry. He has begun to take me for granted and takes little care of me. He keeps me tied up from morning till might and feeds only scraps of food.

It is only when faced by danger or trouble that masters think of those who serve them so faithfully. Otherwise they care little for their servants".

"You are a traitor to our master said the donkey. "Only a bad servant or a bad friend seeks a reward at the time of trouble".

"A master who speaks sweetly to his servants only at the time of adversity is indeed a bad master replied the dog.

"O you are a wicked dog. You are biting the hand that has fed you. At this moment when the master is depending on you completely, your are letting him down by neglecting you duty. If you will not wake up the master, I will do it. For the heat of the sun should be enjoyed by turning one's back to it, a fire by facing it and a master from one's body and soul" said the donkey and began to bray loudly.

Hearing this the thief jumped over the wall and ran away. The washerman came out with a stick angry at being disturbed from his slumber and beat the donkey soundly and returned to bed.

"See, this is what comes of meddling in affairs that do not concern you. All you got as a reward for your sincere efforts was a beating with the stick. Next time onwards you do your job and let me do mine," said the dog. The donkey kept quiet having learnt a lesson.
The Donkery and the Dog