The Blue Jackal
Once a jackal which had sneaked into the village fell into a large tub full of indigo dye. Frightened by this dark coloured liquid, it hurriedly jumped out and ran back into the forest. On the way it had to cross a river. As it was passing through, the jackal was startled to see that its whole body had turned into a deep blue colour.

The jackal had a brilliant idea. It decided to use its strange colour to it advantage and to rule over the forest. So it approached other the jackals and ordered that each and every jackal in the forest should assemble in front of it. Looking at its blue colour the other jackals thought this must be some extraordinary animal. When all the jackals had gathered round it, the blue jackal spoke to them "Listen to me all of you. The Goddess of our forest herself has sent me here to rule over all of you. As a proof, she had given me this blue colour. So from now onwards my orders should be carried out implicitly."

The other jackal looked at the strange coloured jackal and nodded their head in acceptance. "It shall be as you please, Your Majesty, "they said and prostrated in front of their new King. The blue jackal was very happy. Its slightest wish was carried out by the other jackals and it was held in much awe.

As the days passed the blue jackal became more greedy for power. It wanted to rule over other animals too. Gradually, impressed by its unusual colour, the other animals too began to regard the blue jackal as their leader. It was not long before when even the lions and tigers were bowing before him.

The blue jackal used to hold his court in the forest surrounded by his ministers who were jackals. As its power increased, the blue jackal was ashamed to be seen with other jackals. So it dismissed all the jackals from its court and appointed a lion, a tiger & other bigger animals as its new ministers.
The Blue Jackal