Akbar Birbal : The Mulla Used His Head

Once, Emperor Akbar got so displeased by an act of Mullaa Do-Piyaza that he asked one of his soldiers to slay him and bring him his head the next morning.
The Mullaa was petrified to hear the Emperor's orders. He went running to Birbal and pleaded him to save his life. Birbal assured him that he would not let Mullaa come in harm's way. He quickly thought of a clever plan and asked Mullaa to execute it in a clever fashion.

The Mullaa, according to the plan, persuaded the soldier to take him alive to the court next morning. Emperor Akbar blew his top on seeing Mullaa alive in his court. He asked the soldier angrily, "Didn't I tell you to bring Mullaa's head to the court, not the Mullaa himself?"

Before the soldier could say anything, the Mullaa said politely, "It is not his fault, Huzoor! I asked him to do so. I feared that he may not carry out your orders in the best possible manner. So, I thought of myself doing the difficult task that you had assigned to him. I have brought you my head Huzoor, as you had desired, on my shoulders!"

Akbar was so pleased with Mullaa's defense that he spared the Mullaa's life and allowed him to keep his head on his shoulders.

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