25 Ways to Love Yourself

Make lists of reasons why you love yourself & write down of the compliments other people give you. Our sense of self-doubt is stronger than our self-love. If you can build up the love side of things, this will begin to change. Reach out to others & do it regularly. It makes it easier for depression & sadness to nibble at our toes.

Think of a way you could make your life easier — then do it. Whatever it is, make it a priority. Do some research on how to make it happen, & then get going! Change the way you think about food. Think of food as pure fuel for the body, & consider how it will make you feel or how much energy it will give.

Stretch in the mornings. It gets the blood moving it fires up your brain & it gives you a few moments to just be still & grounded before the day begins. Really listen to people when they are speaking. Look at them, make eye contact & be present. They’ll feel good that you care enough to properly engage them, & you’ll feel great in return.

Have media black-out days. Stay away from your computer, phone & television for an entire day. Have that “awkward” conversation. Bite the bullet, take a deep breath, & tell the truth.

Be gentle but honest. No one can predict how they’ll react, but it doesn’t really matter. The time has come. Say it, & move on. Be proud at the way your generation is shaping up. You are part of this. This is your movement.

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25 Ways to Love Yourself