Traps and Puzzles

A room of freezing particles that stick to the skin and slow the characters down significantly Add monsters/other challenges to taste.

A room strung with a what looks like (initially) a net of thin, ghostly filaments. Turns out to be monowire strung at random intervals (hard to see where until you're right on it) that makes it difficult to cross. Monowire = a thread can slice through anything as easily as if it were passing through air. Be very careful.

A locked door that must be broken down to pass. On the other side? An abyss. Breaking the door down might cost your players a character or two.

An old man appears in a flash of light and offers to sell things to the characters. Does he have a motive?

A perfectly ordinary looking floor, empty room, etc. When the characters go in, the doors close, lock, and the floor starts to tilt. It's on an axis, so movement on it tilts it in one direction or the other, and it's going to take fast reflexes for the characters to keep from slipping into the punjee pit below. Unfortunately, the key that unlocks the door is sitting on a hook on the floor in such a way that it won't fall as long as the players are on the other side of the room, but if the floor tilts the other way, then the key comes loose and falls into the punjee pit.

A room filled with countless levers. One unlocks and opens the opposite door. The others have various nasty effects (release sleeping gases, laughing gases, flood the room, drop monster from a pipe in the ceiling [could be a complex mechanism with a whole bunch of caged monsters up there...])

A long passage of murky, depthless water. Two boats are tied up at the entrance- one that looks rickety and has a little water in the bottom, and one that is new looking, gilded on the edges and looks really watertight. Turns out the "new" boat is actually an illusion, and it disappears in a puff of smoke about half way through. Add water encounters, tentacles, piranhas, kelpies and the like to taste.

A powerful wizard creates a cavernous sinkhole beneath the city the players are in.

A illusory wall of fire, ice, water, lightning.

A room with a doorway 100-200 feet up. Walls are covered in tapestries. A random word has been engraved on the wall. Turns out it's the secret word for one of the tapestries, (treat as a flying carpet) but it has to be removed from the anti-magic clip holding it to the wall before it will respond.

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Traps and Puzzles