Keep Doctors Away

Quit smoking by smoking one less cigarette every week. Walk in nature barefoot. Spend time with friends. Start a gratitude journal. Record one thing you're grateful for everyday.

Ride a bike for fun or cycle to work a few times a week. Wash hands with soap. Avoid passive smoking. Ask for help when you need it. Eat calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese and green leafy vegetables.

Don't sit for a prolonged time. Stand up and stretch. Wash your eyes and face regularly. Sing. Dance. Swim regularly in open air. Take the stairs. No elevators. No escalators.

Travel more often. Wear high quality comfortable shoes. Eat until you're 80% full. Cook meals with curry powder. Take a 15-30 minutes nap.

Eat dark chocolate. Eat wild salmon at least once a week (Omega-3 rich). Forgive someone. Call an old friend. Eat oranges. Sometimes, you need to say no for the sake of your health.

Take care of your teeth. Floss and brush your teeth twice a day at least. .

Take honey to build up your immunity system. Don't sleep right after having a meal. Don't sleep when you're emotionally upset.

Begin a garden. Build your self-confidence. Don't over-spend your money. Volunteer in a good cause. Do some strength training twice a week. Eat one or two fish meals per week.

Find your passion and purpose in life. Consider massage. Don't solve your emotional problems by eating more. Eat a Garlic a day. Cut back on salt. Herbs, herbs, herbs. .

Avoid negative people. Walk to work. Use fat free milk instead of whole milk. Do sit-ups in front of the TV. Walk during your lunch hour. .

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Keep Doctors Away