Keep Doctors Away

Laugh, as much, as loudly and as often as you can. Cry when you need to, it releases stress. Look for natural remedies before pharmaceutical ones. They have no side effects and are extremely effective.

Get a massage regularly. It feels bloody good and promotes circulation and immune system function. Eat sprouts, lots of them.

Choose to educate yourself about your incredible body. Use physical barriers like hats and long-sleeve shirts for sun protection rather than chemical barriers like sunscreen.

Choose movement that stimulates the body and the mind. Immerse your body in water as often as you can. The ocean, a rock pool, the bath. Sleep as much as you can every night.

Sleep on the right side of your body. It takes pressure off your heart. Seek out a health practitioner who listens and makes you feel good about your body.

Seek out a health practitioner whose ultimate goal is for you to become your own doctor.

Acknowledge and celebrate your body often. It does amazing things every moment of every day. Always, always remember, everything in moderation, including moderation! Grin.

Walk for 30 minutes daily. Eat a piece of fruit daily. Eat whole foods instead of processed foods whenever possible. Reject foods and drinks made of artificial colours or sweetener.

Start each lunch/dinner with salad. Give your partner a hug every day before work. Take a deep belly breath for three to five minutes twice a day.

Smell the scent of lavender to relax and sleep well. Eat a handful of walnuts before bed. Drink plenty of water.

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Keep Doctors Away