Keep Doctors Away

Eliminate trans fatty acids completely from your diet. Take time to stop, slow down and breathe several times throughout your day.

Get direct sunlight on your body every day if you can. Learn how to breathe correctly, using your entire body for more energy, focus and clarity of thought.

Avoid fizzy drinks of all kinds. They contain phosphorus which depletes our calcium levels and makes our bodies acidic.

Stop dieting to lose weight. Humans are the only animals that drink their calories as adults. Ask yourself it's really working for us and opt for water or herbal teas of sugar-filled beverages.

Minimise or remove completely toxic relationships from your life and mind. Move toward self-love and give attention often to your relationship with yourself.

When eating melon, eat it alone or leave it alone. Eliminate white flour and white sugar from your food. They are dead foods that give nothing to your body.

Ask yourself, honestly, what it would take to change some destructive habits in your life. When eating anything, slow down and chew each mouthful thoroughly for the best digestion and assimilation possible.

When eating, eat what your body tells you it wants. When eating, eat only when you are hungry. When eating, stop when you've had just enough.

Have a meat-free Monday or another day each week without meat or meat products. Learn to listen to the signs, signals and symptoms your body gives you every day.

Read, as often as you can, it feeds your mind and soul. Dance, as often as you can, it feeds your heart and soul.

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Keep Doctors Away