Interesting Body Realities

Beards grow faster than any other body hair. If a man never cut his beard, it would grow 9.1 metres (30 feet) in his lifetime.

Chewing gum and using straws both make you burp more as they encourage you to swallow air.

Dandruff is a mixture of dirt and dead skin cells stuck together with oil that oozes out of your glands on your head. If your head oozes too much oil, your dandruff becomes noticeable.

Dentists in the Far East used to pull teeth out with their bare hands! In China, they practised by pulling nails out of wood with their fingers.

Dust mites are found in all houses. They eat the dead skin we shed all the time, and live in beds, carpets, rugs and anywhere else snug which collects flakes of skin.

Even a bald person has very fine hair on their head, called vellus.

Expert botfly squeezers (employed to remove botfly maggots from people) can shoot a botfly from a warble distances of 3 metres (10 feet) or more.

Foods that will make you fart include beans, bran, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and onions.

For a work entitled Self, created in 1991, English sculptor Marc Quinn made a copy of his head, moulded from his own deep-frozen blood. Quinn collected almost 4 litres (8 pints) of his blood over five months, poured it into a mould of his head and froze it.

Girls who made matches in the 1800s often suffered from ‘phossy jaw' – their jaw bones would rot away, poisoned by the phosphorus used to make the matches.

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Interesting Body Realities