Interesting Body Realities

Adult feet produce about a quarter of a cup of sweat a day from 250,000 pores – wait four days and you could make a cup of foot-sweat tea!

Air you swallow, and gas released from food as you digest it, comes out as a burp or a fart – which one depends on how far through your intestines it has got.

All the bacteria living inside your body would fill six teaspoons.

An adult has around 5 million hairs on their head and body.

An amoeba common in warm water can travel up your nose while you are swimming and live in your brain, where it multiplies rapidly and kills you in three to seven days.

An Indian man known as Snake Manu can put small snakes, including deadly cobras, into his mouth and pass them out through his nose.

At any one time, parasites account for onehundredth of your body weight.

At least 1.3 billion people are infected with a small hookworm that attaches to the inside of the gut. If there are a lot, it looks like fur or a thick carpet. Around the world, they suck a total of 10 million litres (around 21 million pints) of blood a day.

Athlete's foot is a fungus that grows in the warm, sweaty spaces between your toes. It causes itching and split skin.

Babies can get extra thick, yellow dandruff that sticks to their heads in scales. It's called cradle cap and is more noticeable because they usually don't have much hair.

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Interesting Body Realities