Interesting Body Realities

A bruise is bleeding under your skin.The blood can't get out if there isn't a cut, so it just leaks around – it's purple because that's the colour of blood that doesn't have any oxygen in it.

A dead body quickly looks greyish as the blood drains down to the part of the body closest to the ground.The effect is most noticeable in people with white skin.

A facelift to remove wrinkles involves cutting away part of the skin, pulling the remainder tight again and stitching it in place.

A man with the stage name of Enigma has had surgery to give him horns on his head. He is hoping to get a tail sometime in the future.

A person produces 1.5 litres (2.6 pints) of spit (saliva) every day and swallows almost all of it.

A scab forms because cells in your blood called platelets make a very thin fibre that traps other blood cells and holds them in a layer that dries out over a scratch or cut.

A single drop of blood contains 250 million blood cells.

A very fat person who flushes an aeroplane toilet while still sitting on it can have their rectum sucked out by the pull of the toilet's flush.

About 70 millilitres (around 2.5 fluid ounces) of blood are spurted out of your heart with each beat.

About a third of your faeces is not old food, but bacteria that help you to digest food, and bits of the lining of the inside of your gut.

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Interesting Body Realities