Ideas to Show Your Love

Also, surprising your love with breakfast in bed is an awesome way to say “I love you.”

Say nice, wonderful and feel-good things about your lover to others where your lover can hear you.

Smile whenever you are around your lover. Show them how happy they make you.

Write your partner a real love letter on paper and mail it to them, even if you live at the same address.

Remember all of the days that are important to your lover (birthdays, valentines' day, anniversaries, first dates, proposal day, etc.)

Keep a picture of your partner in an area where you spend a lot of time. Find a way for your partner to find out about it (without telling them directly.)

Get the door, pull chairs out for your lover, etc.

When things need to be bought (anything from coffee to groceries) have the faster credit card.

Whenever you see your lover backtrack on what they're going to say or change who they are for you, smile, acknowledge it, and tell them that they don't need to change. You love the person that they already are inside.

Dance together. If you can't dance, take a class together.

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Ideas to Show Your Love