Ideas to say I Love You

Buy Them A Picture Of Their History
Loving your partner means loving everything about them – from what you’ve known of them to where they’ve been in the past.
If you want to celebrate your partner, you can do the following things:
  • Take them on a road trip or other trip to their hometown where they were born.
  • Ask them to take you on a tour of their old neighborhoods
  • Buy them a picture of their home city or the area where they grew up.
  • Look into a book all about their home city’s history and then buy it for them. You can even attach a book about your current city to commemorate the history you’re building right at that moment.
  • Take pictures of the two of you in the various cities that you grew up in.
  • Ask then about their childhood memories.
    Every few years, going back to the place where your partner grew up is a fantastic way to celebrate the time that has passed as well as the future that lies ahead.
    You can do some research on your own as well to see what features of their town you can bring up at other holidays – for example, you might want to send them a picture of the local teams winning touchdown. Or perhaps order some of your partner’s favorite ice cream from the local shop that he or she used to go to.

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    Learn About Their Family
    Beyond learning about the place where they grew up, it’s a good idea to learn about the family of your partner.
    Take the time to sit down with your partner and their family to really get to know them as people and not just some relatives that you have to impress.
    Talk to them honestly about things that you enjoy as well as your dreams and plans. Then, ask them about their lives too.
    Here are some tips to get to know the family:
  • Ask a lot of questions.
  • Listen to the answers.
  • Create a family album for your partner and talk to his or her relatives to get help.
  • Help them construct their family tree.
  • Compile stories from the relatives to make a special book that can be given to all of the family members.
  • Celebrate major holidays with the relatives, if you can.
  • Ask their mother about embarrassing stories.
  • Let them tell their stories multiple times, even if you have heard them five times before.
  • Offer to hold your own family gatherings with everyone
  • Plan a family reunion every few years, if you can.
  • Learn about their religions or traditions.
    When you take the time to get to know your partner’s family, you’re taking the time to get to know them as a person too. These are people that have known your partner for much longer than you have. And while it might be difficult at first, it’s a task that you should attempt.
    Your partner will appreciate it.

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    Treat Their Friends Well
    Another great way to show your partner that you love them is to make sure you treat their friends like they were your own.
    This can be a slippery slope though if you treat their friends better than you treat your partner, so be sure to remember that when you’re starting to talk to their friends.
    Here are some ways to show that you care about their friends:
  • Remember their birthdays – Write them down somewhere and send them a quick email that wishes them a happy day.
  • Interact with them when you’re out with your partner.
  • Ask them questions about their jobs and lives.
  • If you share a common interest, try to meet to share in this activity.
  • Give your partner space to be with their friends and not with you – When you give your partner time for a ‘boys night out’ or a ‘girls night out,’ you’re letting them know that you trust them and that you want them to be happy.
  • Plan things for your partner and their friends – If you notice that a particular concert is coming up that your partner and their friends would like, buy some tickets and don’t invite yourself along.
    Diane wasn’t sure if she could be friends with her husband’s friends, but she wanted to try.
    So, she organized a poker night at their house and invited all of his friends to come over for food, games, and even movies. Since she knew how much they liked poker, she got a few good sets of cards, learned the rules, and bought all of their favorite snacks.
    While her husband knew she was planning this, when the guys came over and were genuinely surprised at how great the night was going to be, they instantly liked Diane and she had a starting point to talk to them.
    And she tried not to beat them during the game too.

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    Let Them Play Their Music Loudly
    Everyone needs to let loose on occasion, so why not show your partner that you love them by supporting this? Even if your partner doesn’t like their music loud or doesn’t like to get ‘crazy,’ you can make sure they know they have the space to cut loose when they feel the need.
    This requires that you let loose too and stop taking your relationship so seriously.
    Here are some fun ideas:
  • Let them turn the music up
  • Choose stupid comedies for a movie night
  • Have a food fight
  • Splash in the puddles
  • Create huge sandwiches for a ‘Dagwood’ night
  • Drink root beer floats in the middle of the winter
  • Go sledding
  • Head to the local playground to swing There are plenty of ways to get goofy with your partner and it can invigorate your relationship again.

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    Buy Impractical Gifts
    If you’re ever been the recipient of something from your partner that didn’t quite inspire a loving feeling, you probably got something that you needed instead of something that you wanted.
    And while these gifts may have had the best intentions, birthdays and anniversaries are really about doing something that’s out of the ordinary, instead of giving a practical vacuum, for example.
    Want some ideas for impractical gifts?
  • Buy them candy for their Christmas stocking
  • Wrap up flowers
  • Buy trashy novels for them
  • Invest in a fancy piece of jewelry
  • Buy him that universal remote he’s been eyeing
  • Upgrade their cell phone to a model that’s way more than they need While Kyle thought he was on the right track for gift giving by handing Hannah a new piece of décor for their apartment, he began to realize that by not giving her a choice in this decision, she was putting things in their apartment that she didn’t necessarily like.
    Though Hannah was an interior designer and loved to decorate, she wasn’t always happy that she felt like she ‘had’ to keep the things that he bought.
    To help make his gift giving a bit more fun and spontaneous, he started giving her a card with the room name on it (i.e. living room). She was then given money or a gift card to decorate that room any way that she wanted to.

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    Dress Up For No Reason
    Yes, it’s easier to sit around in the same old sweatpants and t-shirt when you’ve know your partner for a long time, but where’s the romance in that? If you really want to show them that you care about your appearance, why not dress up when they least expect it? When you come home from work or when they come home from work, they can have an unexpected surprise.
    Try to…
  • Style your hair
  • Take a shower
  • Add some of their favorite cologne or perfume to your neck
  • Put on nice clothes
  • Throw on a dress
  • Try on those new heels
  • Shave When you put forth the extra effort for your appearance, you can start a very loving mood for the afternoon or the evening.
    And since you’re all dressed up, why not go somewhere special too?

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    Do All The Chores For The Day
    If you’ve been noticing that your partner has a lot to do lately, you might want to step in and take over some of the chores that may have gotten pushed to the side.
    Without any need for them to return the favor, do all of the chores in the house for a day (or more) to show them that you are watching out for them.
    You can also twist this loving gesture to:
  • Always clean the room that they hate to clean
  • Always take care of your pets
  • Create a ‘get out of doing the dishes for free’ card
  • Have your children help around the house more
  • Make sure that you’re always picking up the stuff that you leave around the house.
  • Straighten the bookshelf
  • Dust
  • Put the toys away Whenever Tiffany noticed that Evan was getting busier at work, she would create a large sign that said:

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    Learn A Recipe From Mom
    Whether you realize it or not, your partner’s mom is still one of the most important people in their lives (in most cases). This is a woman that raised them and protected them, so it’s no wonder that their mom is someone they feel should be respected and revered.
    So, if you want to show your partner that you love them, there are a number of ways to honor their mom:
  • Find a recipe from their mom and learn how to make it JUST the way that mom did – This might take special lessons from their mom, but that will be even more touching to your partner.
  • Have their mom give them their recipe book to copy and try on your own.
  • Have mom over often to show her that you love her just as much as your partner does.
  • Always remember mother’s day for her too.
  • Always remember her birthday.
  • If you have a question about something that she knows a lot about, call her up and ask her for the answer.
  • Ask your partner about their mom – What was she like when you were growing up? What are some stories about her? When you take the time to show that you genuinely care about your partner’s mother, you allow them to see that you love everything about them – and especially where they came from.
    You might even want to write their mom a little thank you note for raising and giving birth to such a wonderful person.

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    Give Them The Gift Of Reading
    If you have a partner that has specific interests, you might want to show that you’re supporting those interests.
    There are hundreds of websites that are available to learn more about their hobbies, but who has the time to find the ones that are really relevant? Instead, why not give your partner the gift of words and knowledge about their particular interest?
  • Give them a year’s subscription to a magazine that offers pertinent information about their particular hobby.
  • Renew the subscription every year, if they like it.
  • Subscribe to a newspaper that might offer insight into their hobbies – i.e. finances, sports, etc.
  • Keep a special place for these magazines so they can refer to them at a later time.
  • Ask them about the things that they’ve read and ask if they’ve learned anything interesting.
  • Read the magazines yourself.
    When you show your support for your partner’s hobbies, you show them just how much you love the person that they are.
    For extra credit, you can also:
  • Take them to an exhibition of their favorite hobby.
  • Let them know when you see that their favorite interest is the subject of a talk or a class in your area.
  • Take them to museums to study the history of their hobby.

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    Always Remember Their Birthday
    If you don’t have a good memory or you just can’t seem to remember your partner’s birthday, you might find yourself in more hot water than you’d like.
    Celebrating the day that they entered this world is a sincere way to love them and tell them that you love them. Here are some ways to remember this day each and every year:
  • Sign up from a free event reminder program
  • Set an alarm on your cell phone the day before
  • Have your friends remind you
  • Mark it on every calendar
  • Make an appointment that day in your day planner or PDA
  • Make a reservation months in advance that needs to be confirmed
    Thought it’s true that Brian loved Rebecca, it never seemed like he could remember when her birthday was.
    It was close to the holidays, so he ended up celebrating it with Christmas, which was nice, but seemed to be the easy way out, in Rebecca’s opinion.
    To help remind himself of the day, he found a countdown program that he could install into his computer at work. Each day, he would see just how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds that he had left before it was her birthday.
    With all of that constant reminding, he began to take more time to think about what kind of gift she might want that would be very special.
    On the first year that he didn’t have to be reminded of her big day, he gave her a watch. On the back, he inscribed:
    I will always remember our love.

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    Just Tell Them Over And Over
    There are plenty of fancy ways that you can tell someone that you love them:
  • Shout it from the rooftops
  • Have an airplane create your sentiments in smoke trails
  • Email them
  • Send them cards
  • Buy them gifts
  • Bring home flowers
  • Build furniture for them
  • Fill up their gas tank
  • Take them out for dinner
  • Play hooky
  • Bring home the milk they asked for
    But even these things aren’t enough when it comes to truly expressing the love that you feel for your partner.
    And some of them can be expensive, so what do you do then?
    Tell them that you love them.
    Tell them that you love them.
    Tell them that you love them.
    Tell them that you love them.
    Tell them that you love them.
    Tell them that you love them.
    Just keep telling them that you love them each and every moment that you can.
    Tell them:
  • In the car
  • In the morning
  • At night
  • In the middle of the night
  • When you’re leaving
  • When you’ve come home
  • When it’s a special occasion
  • When it’s just another ordinary day
  • When you really mean it

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