Ideas to say I Love You

New Job Celebration
If your partner has worked hard to get a new job or has been lucky enough to be approached with a new job opportunity, you can help to celebrate their luck and their work.
Why not make another of their dreams come true? It doesn’t have to be a big dream, but you probably know something that your partner wants to do or might want to have that you can give them to reward them for this great accomplishment.
For example, you might want to buy something that they can put in their new office as a way to create a feeling of home in their new place. Think about giving them a small plant or perhaps a small statue that they might like to have for their desk.
Or you can take them out for their favorite activity – think about the things that you rarely do together. Maybe you can go to the batting cages with a sports fanatic or to the museum for the art lover.
Other creative ways to celebrate are:
  • Take them out for dinner with your friends – This will give your partner multiple people that will be congratulating them.
  • Place an announcement in your local paper – Just write a small classified ad that congratulates them for their accomplishment (and then make sure they see it.

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    A ‘Skate’ Way To Celebrate
    We rarely have time to be with each other anymore, so why not go back to your childhood for ways to have fun with your partner? Take your partner to the local skating arena – ice or roller – to have an afternoon of fun with them. It doesn’t cost a lot, but it can certainly be a fun time that will feel like a private party for you and your partner.
    Be sure to hold hands and dance during all of the ‘couple’s skates’ that they have.
    You might also want to put on their skates for them or getting their skates for them.
    Ice skating is particularly romantic when it’s late at night and it’s at an outdoor rink that you can use. Bundle up with your partner, bring some hot cocoa and then have a blast skating round and round the rink.
    When you’re done, cuddling is a great way to warm yourselves back up.
    John and Randa are big fans of going skating whenever they have gotten done with a week of work. They meet each other at the rink as though they were meeting up for a date and then drive to the local diner for hamburgers and fries.

    Give Away Your Kids
    You love your children, of course you do. But when you want to celebrate privately with your partner, you’ll want to remove any possible distractions from the house to focus on each other.
    Bring your children to their grandparents or maybe bring them to their friend’s house for an afternoon of fun and games away from you.
    Not only is this a treat for your children, but then you can also have some special interruption free time when you can do anything that you like.
    If you want to make the time even more special, don’t tell your partner until they come home. The added surprise of not having any responsibilities besides their partner is something that will remind them just how much you love them.
    But this shouldn’t just be a special event. Couples need to have time to themselves on a regular basis in order to keep their relationship healthy and sane.
    Here are some ways that you can do this:
  • Create one day a week without children.
  • Have a weekend to yourself a few times a year.
  • You can also have a babysitter come over when you’re both still home, just so that you can watch a movie together without the kids, but still be available for them if they need you.

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    A Clean Celebration
    Nothing says loving like a clean house that you didn’t have to slave to do yourself. To show your partner that you love and respect just how busy they are, you might want to hire a cleaning service for the day or perhaps on a more regular basis.
    It’s not an expensive thing to do either. Here are some options:
  • Pay your older child to do it.
  • Have a cleaning person come once a month or once a week.
  • Find someone that you can trade services with – i.e. you can do their taxes if you’re an accountant if they will clean your house.
    On the other hand, you could also do the dirty work yourself. All you need is a half a day away from your work or other responsibilities.
  • Clean the clutter away.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Take out the recycling.
  • Do the laundry.
  • Clean the bathrooms.
  • Make your bed.
    Even a few of these items each day will make a big difference and show your partner that you love them.

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    Keep Your Eyes On Things
    While you can’t be a mind reader, simply taking the time to notice when things could be done for your partner could be better than any diamond ring or other expensive gift.
    Steve always makes sure to look around the house during the week to see if they’re running out of anything important in their house – toilet paper, pens, pencils, school supplies for the kids, etc.
    When he notices that something is running low, he makes sure to stop by the store to get it on his way home from work. This saves his wife Marie from having to go out. She adores that he does this.
    If you’re afraid that you won’t notice these kinds of things, you can also do some of these things:
  • Call or email your partner whenever you’re at a store to see if they need anything.
  • If you notice that something is low, ask them if there’s anything else that you didn’t notice.

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    Go Out For Ice Cream
    Never underestimate the power of a sundae.
    When you’re celebrating something like a raise or a new job or perhaps just the fact that you still have been reaching your work goals or something else minor, going out for ice cream can bring you and your partner closer.
    Try ordering something ridiculous, the bigger and the sweeter the better.
    And then feed it to each other or bring it home to eat it with each other.
    Some fun things to eat include:
  • Banana splits
  • Crazy sundaes
  • Multiple scoop cones
  • A milkshake Try to share your treats if you can so that you’re sitting close to each other and really enjoying this sweet escape.

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    Give More Compliments
    Though you might already compliment your partner on things they do, try to make more of an effort to do this when you’re celebrating something important in your lives.
    Sometimes these celebrations can be stressful for a partner. For example, getting a new job means that they need to learn new things and they might be scared that they won’t be able to handle the pressure.
    When you take the time to compliment them on everything they do, they will start to feel more confident in themselves and what is happening.
    Here are some ways to add more compliments to their day:
  • Compliment their cooking.
  • Compliment their outfits.
  • Compliment their work successes.
  • Look for things that you admire
  • Compliment the way they treat others.

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    Start Planning Your ‘Big’ Trip
    Most couples have a vacation that they want to go on when they have something big to celebrate. Maybe you want to head to Hawaii or to Europe – in any case, you want to start planning this trip when you’re in the throes of celebrating.
    Start collecting books on traveling to the area and start picking the things that you will want to do once you get there.
    Other things you can do:
  • Have each partner list out their favorite things to do.
  • Set a target date of when you are going to go on his trip.
  • Set up a tracker for the airline tickets to the location you want to head to.
  • Make a poster that counts down the days until you will be in your favorite city or country.

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    Get Him The Big Screen Tv
    The truth is that many guys really want the big electric gizmos that they see on TV or in their friend’s houses. And while you might not be able to buy them right now, there are ways to help your guy feel like a prince when you’re celebrating something that’s happened to him.
  • Look into renting a big television – There are many rent to own places that will let you borrow the TV for a weekend or a night.
  • Take your partner to a place that uses a big screen TV on a night when he wants to watch a certain athletic event.
  • Talk to him about starting to save for this TV for him.
    While not every guy wants a big TV, the reality is that many of them do – why not start looking at ways you can make this dream come true? Alia wanted to get Andy a big screen, HDTV for his birthday, but their budget just wasn’t letting her think that this was possible. So, she started looking at places that would create a credit plan for her, allowing her to make smaller payments on the item over the course of a few years.
    While it was going to take a long time for the TV to be paid off, she was able to make the payments each month and give her husband the TV he always wanted.
    It was worth the look on his face when he came home one Friday to see the TV of his dreams.

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    Take Her Clothes Shopping
    On the other hand, if your partner is a woman and she’s interested in buying clothes, maybe you can take her out for a day of shopping or give her free reign of the credit card for a day.
    Here’s how you can give this gift to her:
  • Surprise her by taking her to her favorite stores on a day that you were planning on spending with her.
  • Give her a gift certificate to her favorite shop.
  • Make a card for her that entitles her to one day of ‘shopping without guilt’ and then let her redeem it whenever she wants it.
    The key to this gift for your partner is to support anything that she might purchase – compliment her new outfits and let her know that you think she’s beautiful in anything she wears.
    If she wonders why you did this for her, you can always say that you wanted to make her feel as beautiful as you already see her.

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