Ideas to say I Love You

Wash Away The Troubles
Though you might not realize it, Mother Nature can be a great helper when you’re having relationship troubles. All you need is a good storm or a simple rain shower to help you show your partner how much you love them.
And make it like one of those old movies where the couple heads off into the sunset. Though you don’t need the sunset to do this.
Dance in the rain. It sounds silly, but it’s utterly romantic and will make anyone melt when they’re not expecting it.
Grab your partner’s hands and lead them outside when you’re having a tough time with each other and drag them into the rain. You can choose to dance or skip or whatever seems like a good idea. This is best done at night under a streetlight for the best effect, but anytime is the right time.
When Katie’s husband Trevor pulled her outside for a night of walking in the rain, she thought he was crazy. But once they were outside, she couldn’t help but start to laugh. It was a silly moment of jumping in puddles and splashing each other that made them both realize just how happy they were together.

Create An Adventure
Love is the great adventure in life. So why not remind your partner of that when things are getting a little difficult? Here are some ways that you can create an adventure:
  • Use small sticky notes to create a scavenger hunt for your partner – Have each note lead to another place in your home or in the city that eventually ends up bringing them to you or to a note that talks about how much you love them.
  • Be surprising – Instead of just doing things when you think that you should, try to show your love during times when it’s not expected. For example, you could take their hand when you’re walking through the supermarket or loop your arm in theirs as you move through the book store.
  • Do something that you would never do – If you like intense dramatic movies, take your partner out for their favorite animated comedies.
    Who knows, maybe you’ll have fun too?

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    Forgiveness In A Bottle
    When you want to ask forgiveness for something that you’ve done, creativity can help you smooth things over more easily.
    Some ideas include:
  • Take a piece of paper out and write down how sorry you are for the thing that you’ve done – This can be a long letter or a simple one line of what you’re sorry about.
  • Show your partner that note and tell them how you feel about the thing that has happened.
  • Place the note in a clear bottle that they can hold onto. Whenever they feel upset about what has happened, they can go back and look at this bottle to see that you did apologize. You might even want to create a jar that can be opened so they look at the notes whenever they want.
    This can be your forgiveness bottle – and you can even both share it.
    When it gets full, you can burn the notes inside.

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    A New Beginning, A New Chapter
    Go to a used bookstore to find a nice looking book. What kind of book it is doesn’t really matter so long as it’s pretty and will look decorative.
    What you’ll want to do next is cut out letters or print out quotes that refer to forgiveness or starting over. These should also look nice because they’re going to be a part of this project.
    Take the book and try to cut out a few page middles so that you have a hollow space in the middle. Place the quotes at the bottom of this section and then place a few smaller photos of you and your partner in the hollow book as well.
    Write on the first page (that you should leave in place) something to the effect of: My life is an open book, but I’d like to start over with you at the first chapter.
    I know that we’ve done some things that have made the plot twist, but I’d like to reach the end of our book with you.
    You can choose to wrap the book up or simply take the book and give it to your partner.

    Sincere Star Gazing
    Take your partner out to a clear area of your town to look at the stars when you’re in a difficult spot in your relationship. The best areas are those with minimal lights from the street lamps or other artificial sources as well as any time after the moon has been full. Go to rural areas and bring the following items:
  • A thick blanket
  • A thermos of hot chocolate or another hot drink
  • Some romantic music Take your partner out to the place that you have chosen and just lay back to look at the stars and listen to the nice music as you do.
    Talk to your partner about how small you are in relation to the rest of the world and how your problems are small in comparison. This isn’t supposed to make your partner feel badly about anything, but rather it’s supposed to be a romantic moment. Tell them that you just want to work things out and that you want to continue to look at the stars for years to come.
    Offer them something to drink and make sure that you kiss them as you’re underneath the blanket of the sky.

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    When Chasing Is Good
    When Jill and Drew had a big fight, she was sure that this was the end of heir relationship. They had fought so often lately and it just seemed like things were heading into the eventual end of their time together.
    Not ready to give up, Drew decided that he wasn’t doing enough when they were fighting. He would always just leave the room or let her leave without saying a word.
    Instead, he decided that in the next fight they had, he would chase after her.
    When he and Jill were fighting and getting to the point when they would leave each other alone, he reached to her and touched her arm.
    He said, “I don’t want you to leave this time or any time. I love you and while I know things are hard, we will make it through this. I will always chase after you to make sure we don’t leave each other without saying how much we love each other.” That simple thing made Jill realize that she truly loved Drew and had been testing him to see if he’d leave her along – and that this action made her feel worse about their fights. But when Drew chased after her, she realized that he loved her.
    Of course, they still had their fights, but they also had more good times than bad times after this chase.

    When You’re In The Wrong
    Saying that you’re sorry when you are is the most loving thing that you can do. Telling your partner that you have done something wrong needs to include the following things:
  • A sincere “I’m sorry”
  • Look them in the eyes
  • Touch them as you talk to them
  • Talk about what you will do differently in the future
  • A promise that you will never try to hurt them again.
    What’s even more important about this apology is that you don’t take too long to tell your partner that you are sorry. You need to jump in with your apology as soon as you can – this will help your partner know that you’re not just sorry because you’re not with them.
    Write them a note first, if you’re having troubles talking face to face, but then tell them in person or over the phone as soon as you can.

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    When They’re In The Wrong
    No one wants to hear that they’re wrong, and when you love someone, you don’t want to ever tell them that they’re wrong.
    What you can do is:
  • Apologize for your part in the problems – everything takes two people.
  • Let them know that you love them no matter what has happened.
  • Let them take their time in telling you that they are sorry – Some people take longer than others.
    Another way to handle this situation is to follow the advice for saying that you’re sorry. Why let bad feelings go on if you don’t want them to? Be the person that takes responsibility for what has happened – and move on.

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    Erasing The Past
    Another way to move past your anger or frustration in a loving manner is to create a chalkboard that both of you can use when you are angry. You can both write down the things that are making you mad during this tough time – each on your own side.
    As the day or week goes on, erase the other words that your partner has written as you have forgiven them and gotten over the hurt.
    You can also write down all of the things that you’re frustrated about and burn them with your partner. This is a great ritual for letting go of things that have happened so that you can move on in your relationship.
    Other ways that you can erase the past:
  • Talk about things that have happened honestly and openly – By acknowledging that things have happened, you can begin to move past them.
  • Make a frustration jar that you fill with all of your frustrations – Once a week you can simply throw it out.

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    Toast Away
    A toast is an excellent way to bring attention to something and to acknowledge that it’s happening.
    When Scott and Eve have troubles, they buy a special bottle of wine and use it at their very next meal. They use their best glasses and choose foods that will compliment the taste of the wine.
    They fill their glasses at the beginning of the meal and each makes a toast that is similar to: I toast our relationship and I know that our love will help us move past any troubles that we might be having.
    I toast you and how much I love you.
    I toast myself and how much you love me.
    You can create your own toast too to help you move past the pain that you might be feeling at a particular point in your relationship. It’s a way to move on and create the feeling of doing something that will end the troubles that are happening.

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