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When A Partner Has Lost A Friend
Relationships change – that much is certain. Your partner has their own relationships with friends outside of your romantic relationship that can be just as important to them.
When something does wrong or they have the unfortunate experience of a friend dying or leaving them alone, you can step in to help ease their pain.
Some of the best ways to show someone that you love them during this time include:
  • Always being available to listen to them – They will need a sympathetic ear at this time. By letting them experience whatever emotions they need to experience, you show them that you love them no matter what life throws at the two of you.
  • Ask what you can do – Often, there may not be anything you can do, but letting your partner know that you’re willing to help is a relief to them.
    Tyler was friends with Doug for thirteen years when they had a bitter falling out over a business matter. They would scream at each other until finally they just couldn’t stand to be the same room together.
    Staci tried to help Tyler know that while the rest of his world was falling apart, she still loved him no matter what.
    While this sounds simple, it really helped Tyler through this time: she simply let him react in whatever way seemed necessary. She didn’t say anything about any cleaning that needed to be done in their house. She encouraged him to get out of the house and exercise if he wanted to. She tried to allow him the space to grieve for that friendship and offered an honest opinion whenever he asked her opinion.
    In doing so, she showed him that she loved him even when things got ugly.

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    When A Partner Has Lost A Parent
    While no one wants to think of their parents in terms of their eventual death, the truth is that parents do die. And while we might think that we’re completely independent, losing them can be a difficult time. If we haven’t seen our parents in a while or we weren’t on good terms with them, this makes the process all the more difficult.
    When you’re the partner of a person who has lost their parents, there are many ways that you can show them that you love them and support them through this tough time:
  • Handle any funeral arrangements that you can.
  • Make the calls to the rest of the family about the death, if there are a lot of people to tell.
  • Offer a shoulder to cry on, if they need it. If your partner just wants to be distracted, offer to help them with that too. Whatever they need, give them the support they want.
  • Talk to your partner about their parent and what made them so special. Share your own memories if you have some to share.
  • Hang a picture of the parent and your partner in a visible place to let them remember their parent whenever they need to.
  • Go to the hospital, the gravesite, etc. with your partner. Being there is all they really need to know that you love them and are staying by them through the death.

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    When A Partner Has Lost A Job
    Losing a job is a tough time for anyone, even if you were anticipating it. In order to help your partner through this time, you need to show them that you love them no matter what has occurred.
    Here are some ideas for supporting your partner at this time:
  • Distract them from the problem – When your partner thinks about what has happened, they can begin to feel even worse about the situation. Try to talk them out to your favorite restaurant or bar in order to get them away from the troubles in their head.
  • Help them create a new resume to go job hunting with or offer to help with their job hunt.
  • Make up a fake resume for them that outlines all of the great qualities you think they have and why they are better off finding a new job that appreciates these qualities.
  • Check in on them if they’re sitting at home during the day or meet with them whenever you can.
  • Don’t share this information with others unless your partner wants you to. By keeping this information to yourself, you will allow your partner the space to figure out what they think about it.
    When your partner loses a job, they want to know that they’re still ‘okay’ as a person, so you should make sure that you’re constantly complimenting them and reminding them just how great a person they are.

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    When A Partner Is Stressed
    Any period of stress is hard on a person. No matter if the stress is because of something that the partner took on or from outside influences, you can help them get through by doing these simple things:
  • Create a favorite meal for them and bring it to them if they’re working.
  • Help them with anything that you can – even if you’re just calling to reschedule their dental appointment, try to pitch in whenever you can.
  • Offer to rub their shoulders whenever they want. Give a foot rub at the end of the day.
  • Send them encouraging notes or stick sticky notes of encouragement in places where they will see them.
  • Let them know that you can take them away from a break if they need one – Some people don’t realize that they need a break until someone offers to help them.
    When Anne would get behind in her writing deadlines, her husband Joe always knew that she needed to get out of the house for a few hours and she would be right back on track.
    So, whenever he noticed that she was getting up from her desk more often, he would offer to take her to the grocery store for soda or a snack. This always helped her calm down and become more focused when she returned home.
    It might sound small to you, but Anne loved Joe for doing it. Having him kick her out of her stress did the trick every time.

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    When You’re In Money Trouble
    Money can be a wonderful thing in life or something that you just can’t stand to think about. Having money troubles as a couple can be a difficult time and cause a lot of stress and anxiety.
    Since money is the top reason for many divorces and breakups, showing a little love at this time can help to smooth things over and make your life a bit happier in the process.
  • Take your partner out on cheap dates – the library, the museum, etc.
    Show them that it’s not their money that you’re interested in – just spending time with them.
  • Make a promise to help in any way that you can – Maybe you can both create a spending plan that will help you get out of your money problems. Sometimes it’s just too overwhelming and the stress of not knowing how to get out of trouble can harm a relationship. Make a budget and stick to it as a couple.
  • Don’t make a big deal out of it – Unless you’re threatened with something really horrible because of your money problems, chances are good that making a big deal out of it will only be damaging to your relationship. Laugh about it and treat it like something that you will overcome. And soon enough, you will.
  • Find creative ways to give gifts without spending any money. It’s amazing what you can find around the house when you try.

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    When You Or Your Partner Is Sick
    In times when one of you is sick, you can step up and try to heal them with your love.
    When Lynn went into the hospital with blood clots in her lungs, her husband David stayed by her side whenever she was awake. He brought her favorite books and clothes to wear while she recuperated and brought her food when the cafeteria food wasn’t palatable.
    He also:
  • Helped her clean up in the mornings.
  • Asked questions of the doctors and wrote down questions that he wanted to ask.
  • Brought flowers and had people call her when he wasn’t able to stay.
  • Learn about the medicine that she would need to take when she got home and reminded her about an allergy that she had to a medication so that she could ask for something else.
    Even if you don’t know a lot about your partner’s medical history, you need to is something should happen to them. Today might be the perfect day to ask your partner if there is anything you might need to know about their health so that in case of an emergency, you can help them get through it.

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    When You Or Your Partner Is Hurt
    Even a minor injury can put strain on a relationship when you’re not sure how to show your partner that you love them and are trying to help them during this time.
    Here are some ideas for helping and loving your injured spouse or partner:
  • Ask them if they need your help – Some people don’t like to be babied, so if you ask, you give them the opportunity to have help, even if they turn it down.
  • Talk to the doctor about things they will need and get them before your partner needs them – i.e. crutches, medications, etc.
  • Make them a small scrapbook of their adventure so that they can see what was going on. Sometimes severe injuries can cause the injured to forget what happened and who came to visit. By compiling the cards, emails, and pictures, you will be able to give them a small gift.
  • Make sure to touch them and caress them as much as possible – You never want your partner to feel like their injury is something that turns you off.

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    When You’re About To Break Up
    If your relationship has been having troubles and you just can’t seem to get over them, there comes a point when it seems like your only option is to break up and try to start over or just simply go your separate ways.
    In these times, you want to show your partner that no matter what is happening, you still love them and you still want to make things work if you can.
  • Be honest about your feelings – True love comes from being truthful about what you need and responding to their needs.
  • Set aside time to talk with your partner about things that are happening – Give your undivided attention to your partner in order to show them that you’re willing to work on things if you decide to not break up.
  • Let them know how you feel about them – Be sure to let your partner know how you feel about them and why you want to stay with them.
  • If you’re the one at fault for troubles – Make a plan as to the things you will do differently in order to restart and rejuvenate the relationship.
  • Write them a note about the things that you will miss if you do break up.
    Sometimes you can’t save a relationship, but letting them know that you love them might be the thing that turns a doomed relationship into one that can start again.

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    If A Child Passes Away
    If you ever have to face the situation of a child passing away, the strain on a relationship can be exhausting.
    At this difficult time, you need to be there for your partner, supporting them, and showing them that you love them.
  • Take time away from work if you can – You want to spend as much time as you can with your partner. You need to support each other and not worry about the rest of the world at this point.
  • Talk about your child together and reminisce – Tell stories, bring out old pictures, and remind your partner that you’re both going through this together.
  • Show each other your grief – By sharing your grief with each other, you will allow the other to see that you’re being affected too.
  • Create a space where you can remember your child.
    When Jim and Dawn lost their daughter Kelsey in a car accident, everyone brought them pictures of dragonflies and angels. Dawn decided that they would create a small space in their backyard as a place where they could sit and remember their daughter.
    Dawn decorated the space and Jim prepared the lawn for the area. In doing this, they were actively supporting and loving each other.

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    If You Lose Your Home
    As a couple that has bought a house together, invested in a house together, and built a life in a house together, losing your home to foreclosure, natural disaster, or fire can be devastating.
    To help show your love to your partner, you would deal with this situation as you would any other loss:
  • Frame a picture of your old house that you can both look at and remember when things are getting difficult.
  • Try to be positive when talking with your partner about the advantages of having a new home and a new place to live – Let the know that you will live with them no matter where you both end up.
  • Create a plan of attack to find a new home - Focus always on the future instead of what you have lost.
  • Make a book with your partner about all of the stories that you associate with the home that you lost.

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