Ideas to say I Love You

Valentine’s Day
It seems clichéd, but Valentine’s Day is still one of the best days to spread your love. While some people aren’t big fans of this day or the newly popular Sweetest Day, you can still use this as an excuse to show your partner how much you care.
It doesn’t have to be a big or consist of giving jewelry to your partner – all it needs is for you to give from your heart.
  • Make a list of all the reasons why you love the person that you’re with.
    Try to come up with obscure things like the idea that you love the way they brush their teeth or comb their hair. The more specific you are, the more touching it will be.
  • Create a small book of mementos of things that you’ve done together – movie tickets, receipts, menus, etc.
  • Give the gift of time – Create a small card that entitles the recipient to a certain amount of time with you.
  • Do something that makes fun of the holiday – If you’re not big fans of this day; try to do something that’s really ridiculous and the opposite of the day. Maybe you can head out to dinner on another night to celebrate or do something more active like putt putt golf. Just being together is the point – it doesn’t have to include pink or hearts.

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    While we’re all going to grow up, that doesn’t mean that we can’t use some childhood activities to help us have fun while we do it.
    If your partner is a particular fan of Easter, why not take this time to create a basket for them that shows how much you love them? Here are some ideas for his and her baskets:
    For Him: Add his favorite liquor or beverage, some tickets to a sporting event or concert, a book, a CD, a video game, etc. Make this a ‘guys night in’ basket that’s filled with things he can enjoy when you’re not together as much as when you are together.
    For Her: Look for girly things that she might like. This may include beauty products, spa products, gift certificates for stores or salons, etc. For not-sogirly girls, you can add some of the same things as go in the guy’s basket – concert tickets, CDs, books, etc.
    What you want to do is hide the basket in your house or apartment to create a fun scavenger hunt for where it might be.
    You can also create an adult twist on Easter egg hunts by hiding eggs and placing small notes in them for your partner to find. When they’ve found all the notes, they will be able to spell something out or learn the location of their basket.
    Other ideas include:
  • Dying eggs together
  • Splurging on your favorite Easter candy
  • Watching an Easter parade or egg hunt
  • Helping younger cousins, nieces or nephews celebrate the day

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    Birthdays are a celebration of the time when your partner came into the world and eventually into your life.
    There are plenty of ways to celebrate their birth in a loving and joyful way:
  • Send them a card in the mail with birthday wishes – Everyone likes to get mail. If you can, try to conceal that it’s from you until they open it.
  • Send them a small token for their birthday at their place of work – You could also send the birthday card here or send flowers. Try to keep it small and discreet if your partner isn’t a big fan of getting a lot of attention.
  • Make sure to create some sort of plan for the day or close to the day – Whether you decide to go out for dinner or simply stay inside with the phones off, it doesn’t really matter. Setting aside the time to be with your partner on their birthday is what matters. Make sure that you’re showing them that you’re sincerely thankful that they came into the world.
  • Always remember the day
  • Create a special birthday cake for them that has their picture on it – and make sure it’s their favorite flavor.
    For Justin and Martha, they go to their prospective places of birth near their actual birthdays and then eat at local restaurants and look at where they grew up to see how it’s changed in the past year.

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    Mother’s Day
    When your partner is the mother of your children, you have a great opportunity to show her how much you love her on Mother’s Day. While not everyone recognizes this day, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate your glowing mom.
  • Have your children create something for their mom that they choose or make with their own hands. While you might want to show them what to do, it’s best to let their imaginations run wild. They’re certainly going to come up with something better than you might.
  • Take the children away from the house if mom needs a break for Mother’s Day. Take the kids to their grandparent’s house, if mom would like that or send mom on a spa day to help her celebrate herself.
  • Write your favorite mom a list of all the things that you appreciate when it comes to her parenting. Try to talk about specific times when she’s done something for one of your children. This gives her an idea of how much you love her and really appreciate the things that she does.
  • Recognize your partner as a loving mom every day, not just on this one day of the year.
    Being a mother can be tough work, and by showing her how much you appreciate her role, you’re showing your genuine love for your partner.

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    Father’s Day
    On the other hand, being a father can be just as challenging and in need of a good pat on the back from time to time.
    If your partner is the best father there is, why not take Father’s Day to help celebrate their successes as a parent?
    Here are some ways that you can celebrate your love for your partner on this day:
  • Give your partner a coupon that allows him one day to do whatever he wants to do. You might call it being a ‘King for a Day.’ He can make all of the decisions for food that day, activities, and anything else he chooses.
  • Create a large picture with the kids for dad. It can have pictures of the kids or simply just designs that they have made for their dad.
    Sign it with love from everyone.
  • Have your kids write down all of the things they love about daddy and give it to your partner.
  • Just as with mom, be sure to celebrate the ‘daddy’ in your marriage as being the best dad every day of the year.

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    Celebrating anniversaries is the perfect time for showing your love to your partner. With the time that you have spent together, why not celebrate the fact that you’ve been together as long as you have (and it can be months or years)?
    David and Katie like to spend their yearly anniversaries traveling somewhere new. For their one year anniversary, they headed to a nearby town and spent one night in a hotel. For their second anniversary, they went a little farther away and spent two nights in a hotel. And you can guess what happened after they were together for longer periods of time.
    You can do something similar, or perhaps you can create a list of places that you’d like to visit and then plan for certain anniversaries when you will go.
    For example, the fifth anniversary can be Hawaii while the tenth might be France.
    Come up with a list of destinations with your partner to show that you love them and plan on spending a lot of time with them in the future.
    Other ideas for anniversaries:
  • Go back to where you met or got married and take a new picture.
  • Head to your first date spot.
  • Try on your wedding outfits again and take a new picture.

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    While it sounds odd to think of Halloween as a couples’ holiday, you can have a lot of fun during this holiday. What other time of year can you pretend to be someone completely different than who you normally are?
    Here are some great ways to add some loving feelings to your next Halloween:
  • Dress as a pair – Think about dressing in costumes that go together.
    There are plenty of options at your local costume shop, but you can also choose things like Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann. You might want to go as Yin and Yang, etc.
  • Share your candy with each other – Go out and get your favorite candies. Then share them with each other. Show the other what kinds of candies you liked as a kid and then taste the ones that the like.
  • If your partner wants to go to a Halloween party and you don’t, go with them anyways. Nothing shows how much you love someone better than supporting their wishes to do something that you don’t like. It’s only one night, after all.

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    If you celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s a great time to say, “I love you” to your partner.
  • Write them a thank you letter that talks about all the things they do or they are that you are truly grateful for.
  • Cook thanksgiving dinner together – Doing anything as a team is the ultimate way to tell someone that you love them and will stick by their side no matter what.
  • Find the recipe of your partner’s favorite Thanksgiving dish and make it for them as a surprise. Call up their mom or their grandmother for the special recipe that they always talk about, but aren’t able to eat very often.
    When you’re at the dinner table with your partner, be sure to let them know that you’re thankful for them and their love more than anything else. Make a toast to them and to their health – and thank them for everything that is to come in your life together.

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    It doesn’t matter which holiday you celebrate, you can still show your partner that you love and appreciate them on Christmas or Hanukah.
    In the Jones’ household, Marla is Jewish and Robert is Christian. Instead of fighting over who gets to celebrate their holiday, they show their love for each other by performing their own rituals for the season and participate in their partner’s ideas for the holiday.
    For example, Marla cooks the traditional meal for each night of Hanukah and lights the candles. Robert decorates a Christmas tree and plays Christmas carols. Sometimes, they will even go to church or temple together, if they want to do more for the season.
    Other ways you can celebrate your partner during this season:
  • Volunteer together to help those in need.
  • Surprise them with a special gift. Try to notice what they talk about wanting over the rest of the year. But make sure it’s something they would never buy for themselves. They will be touched that you remembered. Some couples like to keep small lists of what their partner might like.
  • Give the gift of time. Though your families might be wrestling over who can spend time with you, you need to reserve your own time to share with your partner.

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    New Year’s Eve/Day
    As you enter a new year, it’s a good idea to celebrate your love for each other as the calendar turns once again.
    You can be really creative with this time of year, and showing your love for your partner is a great way to start the year anyways, isn’t it?
  • Make a list with your partner or by yourself of the things that you want to do with your partner in the New Year. And then stick to these ‘resolutions.’
  • Ask your partner if there is one thing that they would change about you if they could – and then try to change it.
  • Make sure to kiss your partner at midnight. If you’re separated on the evening, try to call your partner at that time to wish them a Happy New Year.

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