Ideas to say I Love You

We’re Having A Baby
One of the most amazing experiences for a loving couple is the birth of a child. But when you’re the one that knows before your partner does, it can be filled with wonderful possibilities to show them how much you love them.
Mary wanted to tell Bob that they were pregnant for the first time in a special way. They had been trying for a child for years, but nothing ever seemed to work for them – all of their medical resources were not panning out.
But when Mary found out she was pregnant – without any help from the doctors – she realized that she hadn’t told Bob just how much she loved him through all of their hard times. He never complained and he was ready to adopt in order to be a parent with Mary.
To help share the news, she wrapped up a small box in wrapping paper and set it out on the counter in their kitchen, where Bob always went when he came home from work.
In that box, she had put a small heart shaped candy with a note that said, “I love you Bob and know that you will be the best father a child could ever have.”
Stunned when he read this, Bob walked back to their bedroom to find Mary beaming with happiness. She had placed a bow on her stomach with a tag that read, “To Mary and Bob. Sorry it took me so long to get here.”
Other ideas include:
  • Creating a card from the baby to the spouse.
  • Buying a piece of baby clothing and wrapping it up.
  • Placing a note where your partner will find it.
  • Wrapping up the pregnancy text box and placing a note inside that says, “Positive!”

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    Will You Marry Me?
    Getting married is the first big step in any lifelong relationship. But when you want to show someone how much you love them, the engagement becomes all the more important.
    Here are some ideas:
  • Take a bouquet of flowers and tie the ring around one. Have your soon-to-be fiancé/fiancée receive the flowers with a card that reads, “I will always protect you from the thorns.”
  • Bring your partner to your favorite nature setting. Pack a picnic and have the engagement ring sitting in with their favorite foods. Tell them or write a note that says, “Want to share every meal with me?”
  • Write them a note on a sticky piece of paper and then stick it to their most used credit card.
  • Create a collage of pictures of the two of you together and place it somewhere that your partner will see it – in the middle, write, “Will you marry me? These memories are great, but I’d like to create more…”
    Popping the question doesn’t have to be limited to the man asking the woman either – so women can ask that all important question too.

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    Would You Marry Me Again?
    Of course, if you’ve already been married for a while, you might be feeling like you’re losing the spark or that you could be doing more to show your spouse that you love them.
    Here are some ideas for those that have already been married for a while and want to remind their spouse how much they love them.
  • Keep a gratitude journal – Write down all of the things that you love about your spouse every day for a month or so. When you’ve gotten to the end of the month, write, “Will you marry me…again?” on the last page and wrap up the journal to give to your spouse.
  • Create a photo slide show of your marriage – With digital pictures and simple programs, you can even set your life to music.
  • Take a picture of the two of you at your wedding and one more recent picture and place them into a picture frame with two frames. Wrap this up and present it to your spouse as a reminder of where you began and where you are now. If you can find a frame with another place for a picture, write the words, “Here’s to more of us.”
  • Recreate your wedding day on a smaller scale – By inviting old wedding guests and getting the same cake as you had on your special day, have a renewal of vows for you and your spouse. If you can find the original minister - all the better. If your spouse doesn’t mind being surprised, try to keep it a surprise.
    Every day, you can celebrate the wedding and the memories that brought you together.
  • Tell your own versions of how you met
  • Talk about the first time that you told each other, “I love you.”
  • Share your love stories with your family

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    When You’re On Vacation
    Too often in our lives, we become distracted by things that happen. We let work take over, responsibilities take over, and our relationships can suffer. Instead of letting your love go to the back burner, why not take your love on vacation with you?
  • Call ahead to any restaurants that you might go to – Make sure they have your partner’s favorite dishes and that you can have a special dessert or other food brought out when you’re there.
  • Try to arrange for the same room as a previous vacation – But when you arrive at the room, pretend like you don’t notice. If your partner doesn’t notice, then point out the room and tell him/her that you just wanted to remind them that you loved them – then and now.
  • Do two things that you would never do on your own, but your partner would love to do – For example, if your partner likes to line dance, go line dancing. If your partner wants to learn how to scuba dive, then go do that. By showing that you support every part of them, you’re telling them that you love them again and again.
  • Have a basket of your favorite lotions and massage oils sent ahead to your hotel room to help liven up your romantic evenings – When the basket is there when you arrive, it shows that you’ve thought ahead to your time together.
    Being apart is hard for any relationship – new or old – but taking the time to connect with your partner will help you feel closer rather than further apart.

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    When You’re Far Away
    There are times when you will be separated from your partner – a business trip, a family emergency, etc. In those times of separation, it can help to show your partner that you really care about them.
  • Call them each night – Simply talking to your partner each night or once a day will help you stay connected and show that they’re the most important person in your life.
  • Send them small trinkets – Small, unexpected things from your trip will show your partner that you were thinking of them.
  • Come home when you say that you will – When your partner misses you as much as you miss them, be sure that they always know when you’re going to be home and if there are any changes in that plan.
  • Be happy to talk with them – Even if you’re tired and jet lagged, be sure that you smile when you talk to your partner on the phone. This will sound like heaven to their ears.

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    When You Adopt
    Adding to your family is an exciting time – no matter how it happens.
    When you’ve decided to adopt a child, you might have already been struggling with fertility issues that have been tough on your relationship – what better time to show your partner that you love them?
    Here are some ways:
  • Give your partner a photo album or a photo frame to start collecting pictures of your new family.
  • Purchase a book that you can fill in to create a family history of this new family that is coming together.
  • Make a date to travel to your child’s country of origin on the same day each year.
  • Talk about your plans to adopt and write out the story that brought you into the decision to adopt. You can give this to your child when they get older.
    John and Julie have a special date each year that their daughter was adopted. They spend the day with their daughter at her favorite place – the park. And while this sounds like it would be more of a date for the daughter, it’s a celebration for the entire family unit.

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    When You’re With Their Family
    Sometimes dealing with different families can be a stressful time for you as a couple, so having a way to show that you love your partner can help to alleviate the pressure you may be feeling.
    When Tom and Bonnie go to their prospective in-laws, they generally do several things that show each other that they love the other – without anyone knowing.
    Sometimes, keeping these little signs secret makes them all the more special:
  • They squeeze each other’s hands three times in a row – one squeeze each for I – Love – You.
  • They try to talk about their partner as often as possible to showcase their special news or abilities.
  • They try to be close to their partner as much as they can during the evening or outing.
  • Talk with their family to show that you care about where they come from as well as who they are today.
    When you’re with your family, you want to show each other that you’re in it together – even if it’s not the highlight of your week.

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    When You’re At A Restaurant
    Going to a restaurant may mean that you’re out celebrating a special occasion or some other anniversary date, but even if you’re just hitting the same steak house that you go to every week, you can still make it special for the two of you.
    A great way to continuously show that you love your partner is to make regular dates with them. Perhaps you can choose a particular restaurant that you both love and then go there one night a week. That can be your special night that no other plans can interrupt.
    Other ways to make a restaurant trip a loving experience:
  • Have each partner choose the restaurant on alternating weeks if you have differing tastes in food.
  • Make sure that you dress up for your partner in nice clothing – or just look nicer than you do normally during the week.
  • Sit next to your partner or across from your partner to be able to look directly at them the entire evening.
  • Don’t look at anyone else but your partner.
  • Hold their hand or hands.

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    When You’re On A Special Date
    No matter what you classify as a special date, there are plenty of other ways that you can make it even more loving and special for your partner.
    Tim and Megan like to start their evening off with a walk on the beach or just a walk out in nature before the sun goes down. This helps them unwind from their days at work and can allow them to calm down and really focus on each other as partners.
    When you rush home from work to go out on a date, you may not be creating the best mood.
    They go for their walk and then head to their favorite restaurant, holding hands as often as they can. Tim likes to feed Megan one bite from her meal and she returns the favor right at the beginning. They don’t want to feed each other the entire, night, but that one bite shows that they are willing to help each other have a lovely time.
    Other ideas include:
  • Pulling the chair out for the woman at the table.
  • Calling ahead to have the food ready for the dinner.
  • Checking on any entertainment ahead of time to see if there’s something your date might like to enjoy – and then not telling them to make it a surprise.
  • Get dressed up.

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    When You’re Moving
    If you’re a couple that’s moving in together, you will have hundreds of other things on your mind besides your partner. And since the same can be said of your partner too, maybe you can fit in a few special ‘I love you’ moments that they will cherish in this task-filled time.
  • In boxes that you know your partner will open, place large signs that say ‘I love you’ on them.
  • Write a love note to your partner and place it in the visor of their car so they can find it before they drive to the new home.
  • Create a welcome home banner for your new place – and put it there before your partner arrives.
    When Jenna and Richard moved, they were nervous about whether they were going to survive as a couple. But all of Richard’s doubts vanished, when he found a note from Jenna in his wallet the day that they moved.
    It said, “Welcome to our new home and life baby. I can’t wait to spend the next day waking up next to you.”

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