Ideas to Save Ten Dollar a Week

Check out the local art scene: Poetry readings, art openings, high school plays, and community theater programs can be fun and inexpensive.

Watch for free events: Check the newspaper and Internet for open houses, festivals, library events and other community gatherings in your area.

Members only: Museums and zoos often have deals and special events for members. Sign up to support the arts, furry friends and your savings.

Explore the great outdoors: Pack a picnic and go for a hike at a park or recreational area nearby. You can even pack a tent and sleeping bag to stay for the weekend.

Go for a swim: Enjoy some good clean fun in the sun: head to the lake or beach.

Listen for free tickets: Newspapers and radio stations often hold contests to give away free movie and concert tickets.

You only need one: You can get into enough trouble with one credit card; don't compound the risk by getting more.

Cut up the rest: Once you've chosen your card to keep, destroy the others. Be sure to also cancel the associated account.

In case of emergency: Consider your credit card a safety net. Don't use it for anything that you don't absolutely need.

Pay off the balance: As soon as you get your statement, pay off the balance. Minimum payments don't cover much more than the interest charge.

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Ideas to Save Ten Dollar a Week