Ideas to Save Ten Dollar a Week

Distinguish between needs and wants: Before you start buying toys and specialty items, decide what you need more: the product or the money.

Look for sales: You can often find everything you need on the sale rack.

Wait for end of season sales: Pick up next year's bathing suit for a fraction of the cost at the end of the summer.

Shop online: The Internet offers many items used or at a discount. Try to find sites that offer free shipping.

Shop at closeout stores: They may not be pretty, but you can find great deals at stores like Big Lots, Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

Head to the second-hand store: Goodwill, thrift stores and pawn shops offer many quality used goods at low prices.

Find a garage sale: One man's junk is another's treasure.

Consider alternatives: Expensive does not always equal quality. Check out professional ratings from Consumer Reports and read what customers say online to find out if you're getting biggest bang for your buck.

Avoid fashion trends: Don't spend a ton of money on an item that you won't want to wear next month. Stick with classic styles that you'll wear often.

Get cheap novels: Instead of filling your bookshelves with brand new books, consider buying used. There are chain stores that offer used books at half and even a quarter of the cover price. Libraries often have great sales as well. Better yet, borrow books, movies and CDs for free at the library. Once there, you can also surf the internet as well as read magazines and newspapers.

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Ideas to Save Ten Dollar a Week