Ideas to Prevent Headache

Try massaging your temples.
Try massaging your temples. Massaging your temples gently stimulates the circulation of blood and relaxes the muscles of the forehead and temples. This itself soothes a person and provide relief from a headache.

Touch therapy is a new technique to cure headaches.
Touch therapy is a new technique that is just becoming available to cure headaches. A lot of research is going on this area and even now experts have not been able to identify how touch therapy can help in healing. The best possible explanation is that our bodies are in fact tuned to respond to the touches of others.
When we were babies our mother's touch was perhaps the most reassuring thing in the world. In fact experts are baffled by the way new born babies are able to distinguish between a mother's touch and the touch of a stranger.
As we grow older we delight in the encouraging pats and caresses of our parents and teachers. Even in our social life there is a lot of touching going on. That is probably why people use the hand shake as an exchange of warmth.
So when a person is ill and miserable, the touch of another person especially if it is a person who really cares for you can relieve you of your pain.
The only thing that the person has to do is to be gentle. He or she should stop when the patient has had enough.

Try massaging certain key points of your body.
Try massaging certain key points of your body like the nape of your neck, the shoulder and neck muscles and the muscles at the web between your thumb and the rest of your fingers.
The entire nervous system, the blood vessels, the skeletal and muscular systems are all interconnected. So if you can identify certain nodal points of the body and apply the right pressure there, you can indeed get relief from a headache.
This is the basic philosophy of the principle of acupressure. Just be careful to apply the right amount of pressure.

Do not wash your head in hot water.
Do not wash your head in hot water. It can trigger off a lot of vascular changes that can do more harm than good. So though a hot bath may be stimulating to your body it is not the best thing that you can give your head.
Take a steam bath if you want to but try to keep your head above the steamy fumes. Cold water is best for your head so keep it that way. And mind you, by cold water we are not referring to chilled water.

Avoid strong perfumes.
Heady fragrances of some perfumes and room fresheners can give you a headache. This need not be something that you have used on your own body. It can be a perfume that your neighbor has used. So if you sit next to person and feel that your head it getting woozy, try to move to a safe distance.

Incense smoke is not good for you.
Incense smoke is not good for you. Incense smoke contains a lot of alkaloids and the inhalation of these can spark of a lot of changes in the internal mechanism, do not take the risk.

Too much noise is bad for you.
Too much noise is bad for you. In fact sound pollution is one of the causes for headaches to become so prevalent.
Contrary to popular belief, sound pollution is not cause just by machines and automobiles. I do not want to argue with the fact that machines and automobiles cause a lot of sound. A journey down the street during the rush hour is enough to give any body a headache. But apart from that blaring music too does a lot of harm.
Take care to lower the volume if you want to listen to music. Loud music is not really good for you. And if you want to play music in order to soothe your nerves and instead you are playing loud music, it will have just the opposite effect. Your blood pressure will actually go up and your adrenalin levels too will increase.
The best thing that you can do is stay away from all sources of loud noise and that includes noisy kids as well.

Use ear plugs when you are in loud sound zone.
Plug your ears if you are moving into a loud sound zone. Use ear plugs, ear muffs or thick wads of cotton. Most grocery stores and convenience stores carry sound-reducing and sound-blocking earplugs, many of which are not too noticeable.

Try steam inhalation.
Try steam inhalation. This is especially true for those who have a sinus problem. Steam inhalation is an excellent way of clearing all the spaces inside. If you have an infection too, a steam inhalation can be very soothing. But there is a word of caution that I have to offer here.
Be very careful about you eyes. Remember that it is not advisable to expose your eyes to steam and so take care to protect your eyes when you are inhaling steam.
Another thing that you should be careful about is the temperature of the steam. You just need fairly hot water and not scorching hot, sizzling vapors of water. The object is not to scald your skin but to send some warm vapors up your nose. In fact steam inhalation is one of the most recommended therapies for people who get sinus related headache.
The point that you should bear in mind is that the sooner you inhale once you get the headache, the better. If you wait for long hours before you inhale, you are going to have to inhale longer and at shorter intervals for the inhalation to have any effect on the headache.

Menthol vapors can help towowards clearing your sinuses.
Menthol vapors too can be of some relief. Menthol vapors too can help towards clearing your sinuses. Try dissolving a balm or ointment in the hot water that has to be inhaled. Then inhale the vapors. This is the best way of inhaling menthol vapors.

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Ideas to Prevent Headache