Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

...or, if you don't have much money and the person behind you has only a few items, let them go before you.

Donate to a cause that helps families in third world countries (consider– the amount of money the average family spends on a birthday in a first world country could feed a family of six for a year in many third world countries)

Buy organic food from local farmers (Start by going to your local farmer's market!)

Opt in for electronic billing, statements, etc. and save paper!

Drop off your old glasses at your local lenscrafters as a donation to the Gift of Sight program.

Don't smoke near others.

Turn the other cheek.

Generate money for the charity of your choice by searching with Good Search

Make a list of birthdays for people you know. Surprise them with a happy birthday email, card, text, or anything else that lets them know you remembered. It might be the only one they get!

Be there for someone. Listen to their troubles.

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Ideas to Make the World a Better Place