Ideas to Bust your Boredom

Subscribe to a magazine - I recommend Real Simple Magazine, it's full of creative ways to live your life more simply. *see add at end of article*

Paint a room in your house - fine, I guess it can be a bathroom (a bathroom is pretty non- committal, you can handle that). But I suggest a bedroom or kitchen.

Create a playlist of your favorite songs - you can even branch out into your favorite driving songs, exercise songs, summertime songs, romance songs, etc.

Clean out your cabinets - who knows what you have lurking in the shadows of your pantry, you sure don't! So, scope out the situation, and donate to a food pantry all the food that you don't want to keep, or that isn't trying to crawl away from you.

Clean out your closet - shoes too. Same story goes as above, donate all your old clothes to the Salvation Army, or another store that takes second hand clothes.

Go for a drive - you never know what you may find

Plant a garden - you can plant your own veggies, or whatever else you want

Wash your car - I don't mean driving somewhere to have it washed, I mean you wash it. It's your car, get to know it a little bit. But don't leave the water from the hose running unattended for too long.

Take pictures - of anything you want, who knows, you may get some frame worthy ones.

Clean up your computer - old files don't get better with age, I promise. Just don't delete anything important in the process!

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Ideas to Bust your Boredom