Healthy Eating Habits

Spice things up! Add red pepper flakes, chopped jalapenos, garlic, hot sauce, or cayenne to your dishes if you like. Full-flavored food is often more satisfying and can help prevent overeating.

Take a 10 to 15 minute break before you help yourself to seconds—particulary if you were voracious before the meal. Oftentimes our stomachs are full before our brain is, and the wait helps to ascertain if you are satisfied.

Measure out snack foods (popcorn, chips, cookies, crackers, and even granola) instead of eating directly out of the bag, especially when relaxing in the evening.

Enjoy "treat" foods away from home. Have a weakness for French fries, brie, or brownies? Don't keep them stocked at home, but enjoy them in reasonable portions when out for a special occasion.

Keep several bags of frozen veggies on hand at all times at home (add to any recipe!) and at work (a bowl of microwaved peas and corn is an easy, fiber-filled snack). Frozen veggies may have even more nutrients than fresh ones out of season, as they are frozen at their peak ripeness.

Be open to the "no thank you helping." Just one spoonful—enough for two bites—is enough to sample new foods. Who knows, you might fall in love!

Eat a small, healthy snack before heading out to holiday dinners or parties. An apple and a handful of whole grain crackers will help you from indulging in excessive amounts of rich foods (but be sure to enjoy small amounts!).

Intersperse each alcoholic drink with a tall glass of water. It will keep you hydrated and avoid overdoing it at celebrations!

Make your own tostada shells at home instead of opting for the expensive and pre-cooked boxed kind. A 30-pack of fresh white or yellow corn tortillas can be purchased for around a dollar and will stay fresh for weeks if refrigerated. Simply spread them on a cookie sheet, spray with cooking spray, and bake at 425°F until lightly browned.

Add healthy whole grains to a salad by making your own whole grain croutons. Click here for a recipe!

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Healthy Eating Habits