Best Date

Go to the drive in
Drive ins are often old and run down but that’s a lot of the fun! Make sure you bring a truck or a big SUV (cars just aren’t as fun) and a lot of pillow/blankets. You can buy pizza or food and drinks elsewhere and bring it in to avoid using the snackbar (expensive, too). These are the cheapest movies around!

Watch an air show
Again they don’t happen all of the time, but when they come you don’t want to miss them. Air force bases put on the best shows, and often times there are planes parked on the ground that you can walk around and look in. A good chance to get up close!

Go to a car show
They have these all of the time too, if you’re watching for them. Just wander around and ask car owners about their ride — they get all excited and love to tell you. Then if you’re not really impressed, you can go away and make fun of them!

Go to a racetrack (horse race, drag race, etc.)
There are all kinds of races — pick one that you will both like. I went to a 1/4 mile racetrack nearby once. It was a little pricy, but one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen (as someone who didn’t grow up around those kinds of things).

Watch a spring training baseball game
Only in places like Arizona, but spring training baseball games happen for about a month in March and are cheap and fun sporting events!

Watch belly dancers
OK I’ve actually never done this but I know there are places that have it and I’m dying to try it

Go to a comedy club
Laughing is what dating is all about. I’m not a funny guy, so I like to go to comedy clubs to get the laughter going. Once your date is in the mood, you can keep him/her laughing and smiling all night.

Carve a pumpkin
Obviously this is for halloween time, but carving a pumpkin can be great fun. Definitely invest in a “pumpkin carving kit” at a local grocery store because they are cheap and have lots of tools that make it MUCH easier than using your kitchen knife. You can also look on the internet for jack-o-lantern patterns that will make you a pro that can win any design contest!

Water Parks
You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a water slide and a lazy river. Besides that, your date gets to check out that new swimsuit you just bought. Just be sure to wear sunscreen.

Summer Concerts
Many cities have outdoor music after work on weeknights. Pack a picnic lunch and some wine, and your romantic evening begins.

A Trip to the Pumpkin Farm
No, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a pumpkin farm. In fact, the nostalgia involved in choosing a pumpkin can help bond you both together as you recall childhood memories of field trips and favorite carvings you did in the past.

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Best Date