Best Date

Go to the sand dunes
Lots of people get in to riding ATVs and Motorcycles and camping for days on end at the Sand Dunes. It doesn’t hurt AS bad if you wreck on sand, so there are some pretty crazy people you can watch (or be)

Go across the border in to another state/country (Mexico!)
There are lots of cool things to be seen if you’re a tourist outside of your state/country. In Arizona we like to go to Mexico because it’s not too far away and it’s quite a cultural experience.

Go hiking
You probably thought of this one without our list, but here it is anyway. Here in Arizona there are lots of little hills and mountains nearby that can make for a decent 2-3 hour hike

Build and shoot a potato gun (more for the guy than the girl)
Again, a date that’s probably more for the guy than the girl. You can buy all of the parts you need to build a potato gun for less than 20 bucks (ammunition included!) which is a couple of PVC pipes and an ignition source (like a lantern lighter and hairspray). Good fun — a decent potato gun will go 50 yards. You can find instructions all over the internet.

Play on a rope swing (preferrably in to water!)
Rope swings can be great fun. Lots of lakes and rivers have already built rope swings (make sure they’re safe!) but you can build your own pretty easily. It’s especially fun if it’s in to water (you could do it when you go cliff diving)

Build a fort or tree house (best over multiple dates)
Now that you’re older, you can probably engineer a really cool treehouse or fort. Wood isn’t TOO expensive, and if you already have the tools, you can make a pretty sweet club house either in your back yard or even out in the woods somewhere.

Go paintballing
It takes the right kind of girl to go paintballing with you, and it helps to have the gear, but this can be a highly adventurous and fun activity. And you definitely need a group.

Sneak in to a ritzy hotel to go swimming in their pool
Most places don’t care as long as you’re quiet. It’s pretty easy to stroll in and park as if you are checking in and then sneaking back to the pool area. Have your swimsuit on under your clothes, then just strip down and hop in! Many “ritzy” resort style hotels have some really sweet pools.

Go cliff jumping
Ask around and you can probably find a nearby lake or river that’s well known for cliff jumping. Usually better in a group and definitely a daytime activity. Combine this with a picnic or barbeque and you have yourself a party!

Go boating
Most people don’t think of this as a date, but it’s great for a group. If you know someone with a boat, you can go water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, etc. etc. at a nearby lake.

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