Best Date

Visit a nearby, quaint little town (like Sedona, AZ)
Every state seems to have a small town that is well known for tourism. In Arizona, it’s Sedona where you can see red rocks and check out all kinds of neat little shops and trails. There are others in other places – go look for them!

Take a horseback ride
If you don’t know someone with horses, this can be difficult. You can choose how long you go for and where to. You can also decide whether to ride together or to split up. Great opportunity!

Rent a paddle boat on a small pond or lake
These aren’t too expensive (usually $10-15) to rent for an hour. If you find one that’s open late, you can enjoy a sunset talking and floating around the lake.

Visit the Christmas lights at a zoo
Lots of places have christmas lights in December. If you don’t want to drive around and look at them, consider paying to go to a zoo and see the lights. They’re often very well done, and have extra goodies like apple cider, music and entertainment!

Go on a picnic or picnic in the woods
Picnics are great for short, eating food, and of course talking. Combine this with another idea like playing cards or a board game! Alternatively, you can do it in a slightly more public place like a park and have fun people watching.

Watch the stars with a telescope
Not quite as much fun, but still doable without a telescope. Make sure you go a LONG ways out of town so that you don’t get the light pollution. When you’re under the stars on a clear night in a remote place, it’s truly breathtaking.

Go to the airport and watch the planes (smaller airports are better)
Particularly true at small airports, you can get up close to some really cool planes. You can also sit on the car hood or on the back of a truck and watch the planes take off and land. Very romantic, good chance to talk (also good to combine with another activity like card games)

Go to the drive in
Drive ins are often old and run down but that’s a lot of the fun! Make sure you bring a truck or a big SUV (cars just aren’t as fun) and a lot of pillow/blankets. You can buy pizza or food and drinks elsewhere and bring it in to avoid using the snackbar (expensive, too). These are the cheapest movies around!

Go to an opera or symphony
This one was suggested by my grandpa. No, really. Old fashion, but one of the funnest dates I ever went on with Katie was when we got dressed up in “formal” attire, went to a ritzy restaurant and later to a symphony. The entrance was like $35, but the lady at the door thought we were so cute that she let us in free!

Go ice skating
A quick search on Google will show the nearby ice rinks (we even have one in Phoenix!) Skates are always available for rent. Just make sure you aren’t trying to go during kiddie-skate night or anything (Ice rinks tend to have a lot of events) and make sure you dress in layers because you’ll be cold at first and THEN hot. If you pick the right place, this can also be a very romantic date.

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Best Date