Best Date

Play Laser Tag
This was actually our first date! It’s not good if it’s the “only” thing you do all night (you don’t get to talk much while you’re running around in the dark), but it will help break the ice and give a good lead in to something else.

Play Croquet
You remember this game from when you were little, right? The one where you knock the ball around through the little metal rings on the grass? The hard part is finding a set. Once you’ve got that, get ready for a trip down memory lane and (again) a chance to laugh and get to know each other.

Play Guitar Hero or other video games
Guitar Hero is one of our favorite date activities when we don’t feel like going out. If you’re competitive, you can battle for the highest score. Plus even if your date is a total dud, you’ll have a good time jamming out.

Play ping pong, pool or other games at a local community center
Many YMCA, Boys & Girls clubs and Institutes have community rooms where you can play these classic games for free. Bring some friends and have a tournament!

Play air hockey or other arcade games
Many cities have arcades like the nickel cade where you can play old school arcade games for dirt cheap. Stay away from places that charge ridiculous amounts for a “premium” experience. Remember, you’re there to enjoy and get to know each other not actually play.

Go Bowling
This is good as long as you’re sure you can beat the other person. I’ve been thoroughly embarrassed by Katie many times by making the mistake of taking her bowling. It’s worth a good laugh (especially if you need bumpers like I do)

Fly a kite
Pretty self explanatory. The idea here is not to go “all out” but to create some time to laugh and play together. Make sure it’s windy (and if it’s not, you could watch the movie The Kite Runner)

Go Ice Blocking
Ice blocks can be purchased from a supermarket or (obviously) made with very little effort. Grab one of these babies and head to your nearest grassy (that’s important) hill and turn it in to a giant slide! It’s a good idea to bring a towel so you don’t have to sit directly on the ice block. And it gets old fast, so have something else planned.

Play Frisbee
Frisbees are very cheap and yet a great source of fun. If you’re really adventurous, look for a frisbee golf course near your house and give that a try! Also good for small groups of double-daters.

Walk around a beautiful building
LDS temples, cathedrals and other impressive buildings can make for a great place to walk around or to sit and talk (at night, they are often very well lit). It’s great for having conversation and talking about things that really matter.

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Best Date