Best Date

Watch a movie outside with a projector and a sheet
This is best for groups of people, but nowadays everyone knows someone with a projector that can be hooked up to a DVD player or computer to show a movie outside. Make sure it’s not going to rain, then throw up a big white sheet on the side of your house and project your movie on to it. Don’t forget sound!

Visit a planetarium
Planetariums range in coolness. Some have sweet star and laser shows, others are just boring unless you’re really an astronomer. I suggest looking in to it though — Most colleges/universities have some sort of planetarium and reasonable prices.

Go to the local science center
If you like learning, the local science center will fascinate you. They can be a bit pricy to get in, but it’s good for a few hours of entertainment and a whole lot of conversation starters.

Make home made ice cream
Home made ice cream is actually really simple to make. You can make some recipes without an ice cream machine — I remember my sister and I roll a can back and forth to mix it up and freeze it. Check out this site for great ice cream recipes.

Watch the DVDs of your favorite TV show (like 24)
Watching TV is so boring for me, but watching the DVDs is downright addicting. If you can find a show that you both like, it will spark lots of conversation and give you something to look forward to.

Play a card game
I think every family has a card game they like to play. Check out rules of card games online to learn the rules of just about any game you can imagine. This is another great way to see your date in action.

Play a computer game
This sounds ultra dorky and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for a first date, but playing computer games is fun and free. Set up a simple network, and unless you’re in a serious relationship where you are just “hanging out,” you’ll probably want to keep it to short games like Starcraft.

Play with fireworks
Only the right kind of girl will play with fireworks with you, but it can be great fun. Ladies, if you really want to see your man excited, take him to play with fireworks!

Watch fireworks
Of course it has to be a holiday or special event, but don’t miss this opportunity to get a free date!

Visit a nearby landmark
I had an “ah-hah” moment when I realized I don’t know the state I’ve lived in for 10 years. There are LOADS of cool places that are less than a day trip away where you can go, have a picnic, take a camera and get to know your date the whole time

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Best Date