Awful Food Facts

The Insect Club, a restaurant in the USA, serves only dishes made with insects. The menu includes cricket pizza, insect chocolates and ‘insects in a blanket' – crickets, mealworms and blue cheese in puff pastry.

The reproductive organs of sea urchins are eaten raw in many parts of the world, including Japan, Chile and France.

The Roman emperor Nero kept a ‘glutton' – an Egyptian slave who ate everything he was given to eat, including human flesh.

The Russian Jewish dish kishke is made by stuffing a chicken skin with flour, butter and spices and boiling it in chicken stock. Dry it out, then cut it into slices as a snack.

The Spanish eat the cheese cabrales when it is ‘con gusano' – crawling with live maggots.

The street markets of Indonesia sell whole, smoked bats.

The town of Bunol, in Spain, has an annual tomato fight when up to 25,000 people throw around 100 tonnes (220,000 pounds) of tomatoes at each other. The streets can be flooded up to 30 centimetres (12 inches) deep with juice.

Think cabbage is horrid? In Korea, it is sometimes buried in clay pots with salt for many months before it's eaten – this dish is called kimchi, and is served with most meals.

To make especially tender beef, the Japanese shut cattle in the dark, feed them beer and employ special cattle masseurs to massage them by hand three times a day.

Tradition tells that the French cheese Roquefort was discovered when a shepherd abandoned his lunch in a cave to chase a pretty girl he saw outside.When he came back months later the cheese had gone mouldy but still tasted good.

Yeast are tiny fungi (mould), present in bread, beer and wine.The yeast eat sugar in the ingredients, making the gas which forms the bubbles in beer and wine and the holes in bread.

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Awful Food Facts