Awful Food Facts

In Newfoundland, Canada, seal flipper pie is a traditional dish for the end of a seal hunt.

In Nicaragua, turtle eggs are eaten raw – slit the leathery skin, add some hot sauce and suck out the gunk.

In Northern Australia, children often eat green ants. Pick them up, squish the head so they don't nibble you, and bite off the body.

In Sardinia, cheese is left in the sun for flies to lay their egg in.When the maggots hatch, the swarming mass is spread on bread and eaten.

In Slovenia, people still raise and fatten dormice, ready to stew.

In Sweden and Norway, roast reindeer is a national dish.

In Sweden, people make dumplings from flour, reindeer blood and salt.

In Texas, there's an annual rattle-snake round-up.What to do with all the rattle snakes? Skin them, gut them, cut them into chunks, cover in batter and deep fry.

In the Japanese countryside, salamanders and skinks are grilled on sticks and served with lettuce.

In the Masai Mara in Africa people drink blood drained from the neck of a live animal with a straw, mixed up with milk.

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Awful Food Facts