Awful Food Facts

Cinemas in Colombia serve paper cones filled with giant fried or toasted ants.

Condemned prisoners are traditionally allowed a delicious last meal. In some US states, it's not actually their last meal, but is served a day or two before the execution and is called a ‘special meal'.

Crispy fried duck or chicken feet are a delicacy in China. In the USA, whole chicken feet are sometimes pickled or made into soup.

Drunken shrimps, served in China, are live shrimps swimming in a bowl of rice wine. The idea is to catch them with chopsticks and bite the heads off.

Durian is a fruit the size of a football, covered in spikes, that smells like rotting meat. It's supposed to taste good, though!

During the First World War, Germany suffered such food shortages that people ate dogs and horses, and even the kangaroos from the zoos!

During the Second World War, people in the UK were urged by the government to make the most of wild foods, and were given recipes for cooking roast squirrel, rook casserole, stewed starlings and baked sparrows.

Eels are sold live in markets around the world and killed just before cooking – or before putting in the bag to go home, if you don't want the bag wriggling all the way.

Eskimos have been known to make seagull wine – put a seagull in a bottle of water, wait for it to go off – drink!

Flavours of icecream available in Japan include octopus, ox tongue, cactus, chicken wing and crab.

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Awful Food Facts