Awful Food Facts

An omelette costing $1000 (£530) and called the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata was sold by a restaurant in New York. It contains a whole lobster and 280 grams (10 ounces) of caviar, as well as eggs, cream, potato and whiskey.

Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans all gave condemned prisoners a last meal.

Another way of cooking snakes in Texas – cut the head off, skin and gut it, poke a stick into the neck, wrap the snake loosely around the stick and roast over a camp fire.

Argentinian Gauchos keep a piece of beef under their saddles so that it is pummelled until tender as they ride around all day. It's said that the dish steak tartar came from Mongolian warriors doing the same and then eating the steak raw.

As early as the ninth century, the Basques of Spain hunted whales, and whale tongue was considered a great delicacy.

Aztecs gave people who were to be human sacrifices many last meals – they fattened them up for up to a year.

Baby mouse wine, from China, is a bottle of wine packed with baby mice, to add flavour.

Bedouin people cook a camel's hump by burying it underground and lighting a fire over the top of it. When they dig it up and eat it, the top is cooked, but the bottom still mostly raw and bloody.

Biltong is favoured as a snack by rugby supporters in South Africa. It's dried strips of any meat – elephant, eland, antelope…

Cibreo is an Italian dish that consists of the cooked combs from roosters.

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Awful Food Facts