Awful Food Facts

A rat restaurant in China sells rat and snake soup, rat kebabs, steamed rat with rice and crispy fried rat.

A restaurant in Changsha, China, offers food cooked in human breast milk.

A restaurant in Osaka, Japan, serves whale ice-cream made from the blubber of the minke whale.

A restaurant in Pennsylvania, USA, offers a hamburger that weighs 4 kilograms (9 pounds). No one has yet managed to finish one.

A stew eaten at a funeral in Stone-Age Wales was made from shellfish, eels, mice, frogs, toads, shrews and snakes.

A traditional dish in London is eels boiled and served cold in jelly.

Alligator kebabs are popular in southern Louisiana, USA.

Ambuyat, eaten in Brunei, is made from pulp from the sago palm, stewed in water for several hours.The same mixture is made to stick the roof on a house! Also in Brunei, the sago worm which lives inside rotting sago palms is often cooked and eaten.

An eighteenth-century recipe for making an enormous egg suggests sewing 20 egg yolks into an animal bladder, then dropping it into another animal bladder filled with 20 egg whites and boiling it all together.

An international contest to find the best recipe for cooking earthworms included entries of stews, salads and soups but was won by a recipe for applesauce surprise cake. Guess what the surprise was…

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Awful Food Facts