Amazing Animal Data

Rabbits partially digest the grass they eat and then excrete it as soft, gluey pellets. They then eat these to finish digesting their meal properly.

Rats have super-strong teeth.Amongst other things, they can bite through wood, metal and electric cables.

Salamander larvae change form, becoming killer predators, if they sense the vibrations created in water by swimming tadpoles. They grow longer, stronger bodies and broader heads so that they can kill and eat the tadpoles.

Scorpions glow in the dark in ultraviolet light.

Sharks don't have a urinary tract so their urine leaks out of their skin.

Sharks have special organs in their snouts and elsewhere that let them detect the electric fields produced by living animals. They can then home in on the animals to eat them.

Sharks will eat almost anything. The stomachs of dead sharks have been found to contain bits of boats and vehicles and even a knight in armour.

Slugs are attracted to beer; some gardeners trap them by putting out bowls of beer which the slugs fall into. They get drunk and drown. The slugs, not the gardeners!

Some toads can swallow shrews and mice whole.

Spiders inject flies and bugs with a chemical which paralyzes them and dissolves their insides. The spider then sucks out the liquid as it can't chew.

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Amazing Animal Data