Amazing Animal Data

A 32-kilogram (70-pound) octopus can squeeze through a hole the size of a tennis ball.

A baby naked mole rat has transparent skin – you can see its insides right through its skin!

A cockroach can survive being frozen in a block of ice for two days.

A cockroach can withstand more than 120 times the force of the Earth's gravity – an astronaut passes out at 12 times the pressure of gravity.

A duckbilled platypus can stuff its cheek pouches with 600 worms.

A full-grown python can swallow a pig whole.

A giraffe has special valves in its arteries so that its blood can reach up to its head. Without them, it would need a heart as big as its whole body!

A head louse can lay 200–300 eggs during its life of around thirty days.The eggs only take five to ten days to hatch and start feeding.

A hissing cockroach makes a noise by squeezing air out of tiny holes in its body segments.The sound can be heard 3.7 metres (12 feet) away.

A kind of yellow-bellied toad can produce a nasty foam that smells of garlic to deter attackers.

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Amazing Animal Data